Saturday, 23 February 2008

I am impressed by the bravery of the enrichers

I must confess, having being filling The UK Enrichment News for some months now, with a cross section of the crimes committed by the enrichers of Our Country, nothing I have posted impresses me as much as their bravery.

In dozens of cases I have read, grown men are quite prepared to attack not just young men but even school children with odds of as low as 5 against 1. Must take a lot of courage, what if the child has a school-bag and swung it at them?

What gives them the courage to kidnap a young school boy, bundle him into a car, drive him to a secluded spot and then kick the kid half to death?

Such courage - remember there are only 5 of them

Honour. That's what. Honour. No matter the odds, this boy must pay for speaking to the female cousin of one of the five strong gang.

Only by giving the child a severe beating will their honour be restored and only by giving him a kicking will they get their sadistic kicks.

You can read the details of this gangs bravery here.

Back? Good. Now lets remind ourselves of what could have happened. Remember Ross Parker? We should. And let us never forget Kriss Donald.


Wolfblood said...

Remember folks - if you object to your children being kidnapped and raped, beaten or murdered by muslim gangs, you are a racist!

Another report here -

Fuck 'em all - Vote BNP.

Rhein said...

Honor? Sounds more like racism to me.

What if a white man attacked a foreigner bacause he talked to his sister? He would be branded a racist faster than he can blink.

Anonymous said...

I've had enough GA. Honestly mate, I've had enough.

Sick of seeing vile Islamists spread their hatred and their poison towards all who don't worship their psychopathic paedophile. Sick of immigrants leeching off Britain - and kicking Britain every chance they get.

Sick of gangster rap, gang culture, "niggaz" larging it at the expense of the "cracker". Sick of hearing "niggaz" bang on about slavery and demand compensation. SIck of "niggaz" blaming whitey for all THEIR short-comings and sick of the PC/Libetral lilly-livered cowardly fops who stand for nothing and want only to see the greatest civilisation in human history reduced to nothing.

Sick of marxists and their mission to destroy all that is decent and good, all that brought mankind such a long way.

Sick of the idiots, the parasites, the uneducated dickheads who lap up media vomit, who care nmore for Coronation Street and Emmerdale than they care for their own people and I'm sick of benefit scroungers, leeches, druggies and alckies. Selfish bastards whose sole aim is to sponge and leech and beg for their very existence.

Sick of the lying, greedy, parasitical and criminal swine who are supposeed to be our government representatives but who act like dictators. They don't want to serve the people they want the people to serve them. Bastards. Lying, cheating, scheming, hippocritical rats to a man-jack one of them.

Honestly, I am sick of the whole rotten, stinking lot of it.

I want Russia and China to do the job we haven't got the guts for - clean us out. Proper, full on, no holds barred nuke the fucking shit out of us. We deserve it.

Then maybe we can start again and learn from the madness that has affected us suicidally right now.

I hate my country and all it stands for. I hate the criminal United States - boy do I hate the US - I hate Eurabia and I hate the corrupt good-for-nothing UN. War criminals the lot of them and I want no association with any of them.

I want Russia and China to do their damndest to annihilate us. Rather then than the dirty filthy raghead bastard muslims.

And we're in bed with them GA. While our lads and lasses are giving their all in Afghanistan and Iraq, the very people who are sending our sons and daughters home in body bags (including the 20 year old son of a very good friend of mine) our so-called leaders have been supplying and training the Islamic scum in the Balkans:



Bastards. Traitors. Evil, lying, conniving bastards.

To say I'm upset really doesn't cut the mustard. Watch the vids GA and weep like I do - we've been sold down the swanny.


Jacqui Smith said...

Islam is a religion of peace. Therefore this attack will be recorded in the statistics as an anti-Islamic hate-crime.

Sarah D said...

What is so shocking is the fact that this sort of thing is happening daily, yet the media suppresses it and the police do not dare call them racist crimes.

The majority of the British public do not know what is going on because it is hidden from them. Those who do know, because they are forced to live amongst diversity, usually do not have a voice or are easy to dismiss as "racist".

Anonymous said...

Requinista, Thank You for supplying the videos, your anger and distress is matched by my own the more i'm finding out the more my stomach knots in rage.
Shame though no mention of oil was made or the pipelines required to bring in the oil. The agreement Clinton signed was in 1993 regarding the oil pipeline. The Serbs were in the wrong areas making movement essential of large sways of Serbians.
Albanians agreed to the USA building their massive military base camp Bondsteel on almost 1000 acres of land on condition the USA and the West would hand over KOSOVO.
British foreign office commented that nobody could accuse them of going to war over oil, but that is exactly what they had done.
With such provocation anyone would have fought back but when the MSM had finished with the truth the Serbs were painted black.
The destruction of Orthodox churches and the
murder of Serbian civilians in Kosovo did not start with Slobodan
In a July 12, 1982 article in the New York Times, "Exodus of Serbians
Stirs Province in Yugoslavia", the goal of Albanian violence was noted: 1982 NOTICE?
Lobbying for Greater
Albania: Front page of the
Albanian Civic Union in US
shows intent to acquire
Serb, Montenegrin,
Macedonian and Greek land
to Albania.


The [Albanian] nationalists have a two-point platform...first to

establish what they call an ethnically clean Albanian republic and then
the merger with Albania to form a greater Albania.
So there was a planned and systematic policy of ethnic cleansing and
genocide in Kosovo. But it did not originate with Slobodan Milosevic. In
fact, Milosevic tried to prevent a genocide from occurring. The New
York Times report noted: "Some 57,000 Serbs have left Kosovo in the
last decade."
In the Washington post article "Ethnic Rivalries Cause Unrest in
Yugoslav Region," November 29, 1986, Jackson Diehl correctly [1986]
identified the two central issues in the Kosovo crisis: 1) the genocide of
the Serbian population of Kosovo through murder and expulsion; and,
2) the separatist policies of Albanian political leaders to create an
independent state of Kosovo, a second Albania. Diehl noted that
"separatist and nationalist groups" were "seeking Kosovo's
independence from Serbia." He noted that the crisis was precipitated
by the "forced emigration of Serbs from Kosovo". Diehl reported:
"More than 20,000 have emigrated since 1981."
David Binder wrote in The New York Times, on November 1, 1987, "In
Yugoslavia, Rising Ethnic Strife Brings Fears of Worse Civil Conflict that
"separatist-minded ethnic Albanians" were seeking not greater rights
due to repression, but an ethnically pure Albanian state that would
secede from Serbia and become an independent Albanian nation,
Kosovo. Binder described the separatist policies of the Albanians in
Slavic Orthodox Churches have been attacked. Wells have been
poisoned and crops burned. Slavic boys have been knifed, and some
young ethnic Albanians have been told by their elders to rape Serbian
Binder explained that the goal for the violence was never about
"repression" but about the creation of Greater Albania, secession:
The goal of the radical nationalists among them, one said in an
interview, is an "ethnic" Albania that includes western Macedonia,
southern Montenegro, part of southern Serbia, Kosovo and Albania
itself...Other ethnic Albanian separatists admit to a vision of a greater
Albania governed from Pristina in southern Yugoslavia rather than
Binder noted that there were 40 racially-motivated attacks against
Serbs in 1986. The goal was not "revenge" but to create "an 'ethnically
pure' Albanian region" in Kosovo. Another method of ethnic cleansing
was by quasi-legal means. Binder noted: "Ethnic Albanians in the
Government have manipulated pubic funds and regulations to take
over land belonging to Serbs."
There was incitement to genocide. Fadil Hoxha, a leading Albanian
political leader in Yugoslavia, said that "Serbian women should be used
to satisfy potential ethnic Albanian rapists." Aziz Kelmendi murdered
four Yugoslav army recruits based on anti-Slav racism. Binder reported
that in 7 years, 20,000 Serbs have left Kosovo because of the climate
of racism.
Binder noted: "Ethnic Albanians already
control almost every phase of life in
...Kosovo, including the police, judiciary,
civil service, schools and factories."
In the Newsweek article of October 24,
1988, "Power to the Serbs", Harry
Anderson and Theodore Stanger reported
on the genocide in Kosovo:
One account speaks of 1,119 attacks on
Serbs and Montenegrins by ethnic
Albanians since 1986. Many of the stories
allege rape and other atrocities. One
described how a group of Albanian
adolescents dug up the corpse of a
Serbian child from a Kosovo cemetery and
began tossing it around. "It is hard for
anyone who calls himself a Serb to remain
cool when he hears of such outrages,"
said Stefan Pilic, a medical student in
Belgrade. "We are on the verge of a revolution," said Milovan Djilas,
Yugoslavia's best-known dissident.
On April 19, 1993, British author Nora Beloff wrote a letter to British
MP Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd explaining the Kosovo crisis:
On Kosovo, I told him I happened to be one of the rare Westerners

who knew the province when it was still ruled by the pitiless Albanian
thugs to whom Tito and his successors gave power, patronage, and
bags of money...I knew very well that, for years, the Serb minority,
particularly the Orthodox priests, had often been beaten and
constantly harassed.
She stated that Milosevic should "have invited foreign diplomats and
journalists to go and see what life had been previously like for the
Serbs." They should "have visited demolished churches, desecrated
cemeteries, and the Kosovo villages 'cleansed' of Serbs." The US State
Department/NATO/CIA propaganda machine---National Public Radio
Kosovo Serb girl: Give me
back my daddy.
(NPR), RFE/RL, Voice of America (VOA)---attributed ethnic cleansing to
Slobodan Milosevic. But objective and unbiased observers of the
Balkans knew that ethnic cleansing was developed in Kosovo and used
against the Kosovo Serbian Orthodox population.
British historian Nora Beloff witnessed the first post-World War I1
instance of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo-Metohija: "Indeed, it was in
Kosovo in 1980, while writing my book, that, for the first time since
the Nazi era, I heard that epithet." Albanians in Kosovo were ethnically
cleansing the province to create an ethnically pure Kosova/Kosove to
create a Greater Albanian state. Beloff noted that
separatism/secession/independence were the goals of the ultranationalist
GreaterAlbanian movement, not human rights. She stated
that Albanians have "not the faintest interest in human rights."
Amnesty International (AI), Human Rights Watch (HRW), the UN, the
US State Department, which has made "human rights" the cornerstone
of US foreign policy, censored and suppressed this silent and unknown
genocide in Kosovo.
The destruction of Serbian Orthodox churches did not begin with the
NATO occupation of Kosovo in 1999. The Serbian Orthodox Monastery
in Devic was destroyed during World War II when Adolf Hitler and
Benito Mussolini made Kosovo and western Macedonia a part of
Greater Albania. The pro-fascist Balli Kombetar, the Ljuboten battalion,
and the Nazi 21st Waffen SS Division "Skanderbeg", made up mainly
of Kosovo Albanians, instituted a policy of genocide against Kosovo
Serbs, Jews, and Roma. Following the creation of the Second League of
Prizren, which revitalized the Greater Albania ideology, under the
sponsorship of Nazi Germany, Orthodox churches were destroyed and
Serbian Orthodox priest were murdered in order to create an ethnically
pure Kosova. This policy continued after World War II. On March 16,
1981, the 13th century Orthodox monastery at Pec was set on fire and
burned in an attempt to kill the priests. On January 7, 1983, Orthodox
Christmas, human feces and excrement were left around the Prizren
Orthodox church and a cross made out of feces was placed on the
church door. The Albanian destruction and desecration of Orthodox
cemeteries did not start with the NATO/KFOR occupation of Kosovo
either. Gravestones and monuments in Orthodox cemeteries were
vandalized throughout the 1980s, before Milosevic even appeared on
the scene. The goal was genocide, the creation of an ethnically pure or
clean Albanian Kosova. In the village of Dvorane, Albanians destroyed
and vandalized 29 newly erected Orthodox Christian gravestones.
Under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the
Crime of Genocide, Resolution 260 A (III), promulgated on December
9, 1948, genocide is defined as follows:


Article II

[G]enocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to

destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious

group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to

bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Polish jurist Raphael Lemkin coined the term "genocide" in Axis Rule in

Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation, Analysis of Government,

Proposals for Redress (1944) in which he defined genocide as follows:

By "genocide" we mean the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic

group...It is signify a coordinated plan...aiming at the

destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups...The

objectives of such a plan would be...the destruction of the personal

security, liberty, health, dignity...Genocide is directed

against...members of a national group.

Is not the expulsion of 240,000 Serbs from Kosovo, the destruction of

112 Orthodox churches and the desecration and vandalism of over 10

Orthodox cemeteries genocide under these fundamental formulations.

First we need a coordinated plan of genocide. US/NATO/KFOR always

report that the systematic and organized destruction of 122 Orthodox

churches was random. There is no organized plan. This is why

epistemology is crucial. It is all in how you report it. One man or

woman can see a terrorist and another a freedom fighter/patriot. This

is why US/NATO/KFOR never know who is responsible and why no one

is ever apprehended or punished. No one knows who is destroying

Orthodox churches. They are "Albanian extremists". This negates

responsibility. This also negates an organized and systematic policy of

genocide. This also explains why human rights groups are blind to

genocide in Kosovo. If they don't report it, it is like it never really

happened. It is your word against theirs. And the CIA has the most

massive propaganda/infowar machine ever assembled.

Why didn't international human rights groups such as Amnesty

International and Human Rights Watch and UN human rights

organizations notice this glaring genocide at the end of the 20th

century? For the same reason that they don't notice the genocide in

Kosovo now. If you don't report on a genocide, if you censor and

suppress it, it is like it never occurred at all. The concept of human

rights was devised to allow its use as an instrument of US foreign

policy. The concept of “human rights” is merely a CIA propaganda

construct. Nothing proves this more than Kosovo. How can a genocide

be allowed to occur there? What genocide?

Gorazdevac Massacre
In 2003, the attacks against the Serbian population and Serbian
Orthodox Churches and cemeteries continued unabated. On August 15,
a fire was set in the Serbian cemetery in the village of Bresje near
Kosovo Polje. The so-called international community and human rights
groups remained in ignorant bliss.
The ethnically motivated attacks against
Kosovo Serbs in 2003 culminated in the
Gorazdevac Massacre, the attempted
massacre of Kosovo Serb teens. On
August 13, a group of Kosovo Serb
children were swimming in the Bistrica
River outside of Gorazdevac, a town near
Pec in Metohija. An Albanian attacker then
opened fire with a “Kalashnikov machine
gun”, firing three rounds at the Serbian
teens. Panto Dakic, 11, and Ivan Jovovic,
20, died from their wounds. They were
taken to the Pec hospital where they were
pronounced dead. Bogdan Bukumiric, 15, and Nikola Bogicevic, were in
critical condition. Dragana Srbljak, 14, Djordje Ugrenovic, 20, and
Marko Bogicevic, were sustained serious wounds. Milovan Pavlovic,
who attempted to take the injured by car to a hospital, had his car
stoned by Albanians while the injured child was attacked. This was an
ethnically motivated crime meant to kill the remaining Serbian
population. Both Serbia and Montenegro demanded an emergency
security council meeting at the UN. The attacks against Kosovo Serbs,
however, continued. On August 17, five Serbian children were shot at
by ethnic Albanians in the Gorazdevac town square.
On August 19, an elderly Serbian woman, Vukosava Ivkovic of
Gnjilane, was gang-raped by Albanian attackers. Kosovo Serb Dragan
Tonic was beaten and shot execution-style in the mouth in Skulanevo.
Ethnically motivated attacks against Kosovo Serbs continued unabated.
Kosovo Serbs under NATO Occupation: “Looking Like a Prisoner
from Auschwitz”
The NATO military occupation of Kosovo-Metohija was premised on the
condition that NATO would ensure security for both the Albanian and
Serbian populations of the Serbian province. Indeed, Madeleine
Albright presupposed that the NATO occupation of Kosovo would bring
stability and security to Kosovo. But life under NATO occupation for
Kosovo Serbs was similar to that of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto or even
Auschwitz. But there is no Elie Wiesel or Susan Sontag or Anthony
Lewis or Christianne Amanpour to document these abuses and crimes.
Not even Roy Gutman is concerned about the human rights abuses in
One of the 4 wounded
Kosovo Serb children. Other
2 were slaughtered by
Albanian terrorists.
Kosovo. And that is because the US government does not want them
to be concerned. It is against US policy at any rate.
On October 17, 2003, Beta reported that Zivorad Velikinac, 65, of
Urosevac had died of starvation because he was unable to leave his
home to obtain food due to attacks from ethnic Albanians. He was
taken to the hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica where “one staff member
described him as looking like a prisoner from Auschwitz.” Amnesty
International had reported that Kosovo Serbs lived like “prisoners in
own homes.” The Serbian population of Urosevac had decreased to 15
from 10,000 before the NATO “humanitarian intervention”.
In a June 13, 2003 article, the AFP concluded: “Four years later,
Kosovo is still a human disaster.” On May 7, 2003, members of the
Albanian National Army (ANA) abducted and murdered Kosovo Serb
teacher Zoran Mirkovic, 41, of Vrbovac. He was shot twice in the head
and his body was dumped in a river.
In Cernica, Miomir Savic, 35, was killed in an ethnically-motivated
murder when Albanian attackers threw a bomb at his shop. Four others
were injured in the bomb attack. A hand grenade was thrown at the
same time into a children’s playground in the Serbian part of Cernica.
In Obilic, the three members of the Stolic family were hacked to death
with an axe and shot like animals. Slobodan Stolic, 80, his wife
Radmila, 70, and their son, Ljubinko, 53, were axed and shot to death
while there were sleeping in their house, which was then burned down
to conceal the murders. This was an ethnically-motivated murder
committed by ethnic Albanians to prevent the return of Kosovo Serb
refugees. Albanians in the town had demanded that the Stolic family
sell their house to ethnic Albanians and that they move to Serbia
proper. Before the NATO military occupation of Kosovo, 7,500 Serbs

lived in Obilic. After the NATO occupation, only 400 Serbs were left.

More than 760 houses had been burned. Twenty eight Kosovo Serbs

were killed and there were 2,720 assaults. UNMIK released a report

that found that ethnic Albanians had seized 75,000 to 77,000 Serbian
and other non-Albanian homes and torched 30,000.
The Albanization of Kosovo had been realized with the ejection of
Kosovo Serbs from Kosovo hospitals, schools, colleges, the public
service sector, and utilities. Pristina University became an all-Albanian
institution with the expulsion of Serbian and non-Albanian instructors
and staff.
The UN report announced by AFP on October 9, 2003, found “security
worsening” in Kosovo. The presence of 22,000 peacekeepers in Kosovo
had only made the situation worse. Since 1998, 1,303 Kosovo Serbs

were missing in Kosovo, 90% after the NATO occupation. This was the

finding of the Association of Families of Abducted and Missing Serbs
from Kosovo-Metohija. Since NATO and UNMIK occupied Kosovo on
June 10, 1999, the Serbian Ministry of the Interior had found that
there were 6,535 attacks in Kosovo, killing 1,201, injuring 1,328, and
kidnapping 1,146. Of these 6,535 attacks, 5,932 were against Kosovo
Serbs and Montenegrins.
Conclusion: Kosovo, "Black Hole" of Human Rights
What has been the result of NATO military occupation of the Serbian
province of Kosovo-Metohija? Kosovo Ombudsman Merek Nowicki
announced the findings of his investigations on December 19, 2002
Nowicki concluded that Kosovo might become a "black hole" of human
rights in Europe. UN Resolution 1244 was not being followed. Nowicki
concluded that UNMIK was "not respecting human rights regulations
established by international community." He found that the remaining
Kosovo Serbs lived in Holocaust-style ghettos in Kosovo. The Serbian
population has no human rights protections and is under daily pressure
to leave Kosovo. What has US/NATO/ KFOR done to allow for the
return of the 240,000 Serbian refugees expelled by the UCK in 1999?
According to Nowicki, NATO and UNMIK have done absolutely nothing:
"The possibility of a Serb return to urban areas is almost zero, because
a minimum of conditions for their return have not been secured." He
found "severe violations of human rights". He examined the status of
Serbs living in the village of Gorazdevac near Pec. The Serbs were
heavily guarded, living under constant protection by FKOR troops. They
were living in ghetto-like conditions. KFOR could not obtain food for
them because the Albanian leaders were attempting to starve them
out, thereby forcing them to leave Kosovo permanently. NATO was
supposed to be ensuring democracy, but was in fact violating the
fundamental tenets of democracy. Nowicki concluded: "UNMIK was not
established in line with the principles of democracy and it represents a
surrogate state." He found that UNMIK and KFOR had complete
immunity for their actions in Kosovo. Thus there were no protections
from violations of civil or human rights. There was no rule of law. This
is what NATO occupation was achieved: The genocide of the Serbian
population. Life in Kosovo for the Serbian population is like life in a
Nazi ghetto, like the Warsaw Ghetto. This is what NATO has achieved
in 4 and a half years of military occupation.


A Nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious . But it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments…… Cicero