Monday, 25 February 2008

Green Arrow Forum Under attack by dead sheep

Help get this ad removed from The Green Arrow Forum

It is often quoted, that you know you are over the target when you are taking flak. Well this blog has been taking it from almost day one. But now the enemies of free speech have another target to aim at. The Green Arrow Forum. I do not mind. I welcome their attacks.

For whilst they are shooting at the Green Arrow sites, their fire-power is reduced in making up lies about the British National Party. The real Anti-Fascists, who I am more than prepared to take a few hits for.

The Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) thugs, who, alarmed at the fact that their Chairman, Ken Livingstone, the Stalinist Mayor of London may get dragged into the ongoing investigation of professional black, Lee Jasper, one of the UAF Steering Committee, have renamed themselves as "Unity", are now trying to discredit the forum and get it closed. I will not link to their lies here, because that is what they want me to do. But I will post this clip to give you an idea of how they seek to close down those who speak the truth.
Antifascists everywhere may like to join up and post away, giving the Bigot a moderating nightmare. And others may like to remind Proboards of its own terms of service:
Bring it on I say. I am used to it now. Let me suck up your time and efforts. I feed on your lies and your obscenities, they drive me on to greater efforts.

Equally alarmed at a previous article, in which I revealed that they post to papers and forums under multiple aliases, they attempt to return the volley by accusing me of the same act. Not true. For a start, I could not do such a thing. It is not in me. Second. I have no need to act in the same, false way.

They also point out that because currently, the board is provided free and displays ads for which I have no control over, they find it amusing that one of these ads is for a Muslim dating agency. Now I personally find it hilarious - I do. But thats my old service sense of humour coming through. I can laugh at the irony of it all.

But seriously now. The board should be ad free. It will cost $7 per month to do this. I am fully committed financially even for such a small amount. There is a Paypal button on the right. Please use it. There is also a method of donating as little as $1 direct to the owners of the board who will then provide me with credits. The link is on the bottom of the forum.

If you cannot donate then fine. Support the forum by joining it and contributing.

Use hotmail or google to get a private mail account so your personal identity is not known to me or others. I prefer it that way but give my word of honour that I would never reveal any personal nformation that I may learn as the admin of the forum.

Finally as a result of this post, a generous website owner has offered to provide a home for the forum to move to should it ever be required. This backup forum will be created as a background task.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Ha! That same ad is on Brussels Journal - another anti-Islam and anti-EU site.

I suspect the service provider wants their money for the ads, but doesn't want Muslims to see them, and maybe get together to make yet more babies.

cymrubach said...

These are the negatives the attacks on the forum GA. The positives is this, it proves the forum is starting to wind the anti democrat, commies, anti British up. This I can live with no problem...cymrubach

Sarah D said...

As I mentioned on the Forum.

I was amused to note that "Unity" accused me of being a "sock puppet", I posted a comment at their blog advising them that I was a real person, but, as expected from opponents of free speech my comment has yet o be published.

That said, it is interesting to note how few comments there are on that blog, by comparison with, for instance, this one. It is those lonley UAF people who are in need of sock puppets.

najistani said...

Muslim dating agency?????

First you've got to supply them with photos of all your cousins.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

OK, I've seen this too often in this blog to continue thinking it must just be a typo.

"Your" is a possessive pronoun. Your books, the books belonging to you.

It is not a contraction of "you are".

For a contraction of "you are," we use an apostrophe: "you're"

The apostrophe in English is used to replace letters taken out of one or more words in a verbal contraction. In expository writing, such contractions are not generally used, being as they are colloquialisms.

But if you must use them, please, try to spell them properly. "your" is not the same thing as "you are".

Why is it relevant? Because basic literacy in English is one of the things we most decry losing in the current climate as is the general degradation of intelligent discourse. If you just shrug and call it irrelevant, we are back to square one in the fight against the deterioration of our culture, which, after all, is


The Green Arrow said...

Hilary. You are right. Or as I say your right. I know what it should be but when I right an article it is done at speed and then published.

I am not using a word processor but a quick blog publishing tool with a basic spell checker.

I do a quick scan and then move on. I have little time to polish or check for grammar.

Another common mistake is there and their - I know now to too the differences. I just do not have the time to check.

I will edit to keep you happy and for ease of reading.

Anonymous said...

comments | Trackback

Carrie Nation Among the Muslims
by Baron Bodissey

Americans of the Midwestern persuasion will need no introduction to Carrie Nation.

She was a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in the late 19th century, and a zealous crusader against the evils of alcohol. Notorious for breaking up barrooms with a hatchet, she did battle fearlessly against the Demon Rum.

But modern Muslim purists put Carrie Nation to shame. The Halal Warriors are always alert to the slightest taint of pork or alcohol in the production of food. If you’re a food manufacturer, you’d better hope that none of your employees even thinks about beer while preparing your products.

The latest news comes from Britain, where the Halal Warriors are doing battle against crisps (known here in the colonies as “potato chips”) which may have been processed with a teeny-weeny bit of ethanol. According to The Daily Mail:

Muslims criticise Walkers after it is revealed that some crisp varieties contain alcohol

Furious Muslims have heavily criticised Walkers crisps after it emerged that certain varieties of the manufacturer’s products contain trace elements of alcohol.

Some crisp types use minute amounts of alcohol as a chemical agent to extract certain flavours.

The report in Asian newspaper Eastern Eye, highlights concerns raised by shopkeeper Besharat Rehman, who owns a halal supermarket in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Mr Rehman told the paper: “A customer informed us that Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli and Doritos Chilli Heat Wave are not on Walkers’ alcohol-free list. Our suppliers were unaware of this.

“Even if it is a trace amount of alcohol, Walkers should make it clear on the packaging so that the customer can make an informed choice.”

If there is a single molecule of ethanol in any crisp, then Muslims must be told!

Mr. Rehman then goes on to accuse Walkers of that most deadly of postmodern sins, “insensitivity to Muslims”: YL

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'm picky about your and you're too.

And about there they're and their.

And its and it's.

And to too and two.

But never mind for now - more important information:

Virgin Media is running a poll on whether we should stay in the EU or get out. Currently running at 4-1 to leave. Get over there and have your say:

HJMW, this is for you:

I went TO TWO TOO many bars last night. So YOU'RE off to YOUR local? The British go often. THERE, THEY'RE THEIR livers' own worst enemy. But for many a village, IT'S ITS social centre.

"But"and "And" are these days considered suitable for starting a sentence with.

I left school and enlisted at 15 (exactly as did GA), without any educational qualifications whatsoever. I was a truant almost continuously from 13, and stopped listening in class from 12. Yet I'm appalled at some of the products of our education system. Why was my English this competent by 12, yet many of today's youngsters are still functionally illiterate at 18? What's different (I have several answers to that question, but I wont go into them here)? See, I even get my punctuation marks in the correct place when I use brackets.

Just to say that you are correct, and if I can do it with that poor start to my educational life, then anyone can. I made that little passage up on the hoof, so it's a bit clumsy. Be grateful if you could think of something more concise. Ideally, with there they're their, you're your, too to two, it's its as consecutive words for each set.

I admit to being a language pedant. Do you? I further admit that I believe we need more like me. Do you?

And like GA, I'm a WELSHMAN!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

It also goes to credibility.

An occasional spelling error or typo is quite acceptable in the informal blog medium, but you are in the position of representing a movement. As such, it harms credibility for the movement to show traces of illiteracy by consistently making the same errors in grammar, spelling and usage.

They call people with right wing political views "knuckle-draggers". Don't give them more fuel please.

najistani said...

As a precaution, every type of food should be labelled 'May contain alcohol, cannot guarantee alcohol-free, made in a factory staffed by alcoholics.' Then watch as the Muslims go into anorexic mode.

najis'sta'ni said...

Hilary Jane Margaret White,
Iv'e just chequed ewer websight at and may bee i'ts a bug inn my browser but yew seam too bee having one or too syntactical issues you'reself.

Anonymous said...

And if they take GA off proboards it will take me perhaps five minutes to power up a phpbb buletin board forum on my own server.

And if they clog that there will be another

And another

That's the funny thing about resistance movements. It doesn't mater how many bullets you fire, there's always an embarrassingly large number of people left standing when the magazine is empty

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Same with artillery bonbardments and bombing campaigns. Doesn't matter how many rounds you fire or bombs you drop, there are always people there to shoot at you when you advance.

The societal change is progressing, as demonstrated by the response to what the Ayotollah of Canterbury had to say. Try going to the Guardian comment page now and again - the columns themselves, when they're about Islam, are usually pretty dhimmi; but the majority of the comments that follow ... oh boy. Mad Bunting is getting a lot of stick right now.

Anonymous said...

You really ought to pop over to and have a look around. it's worth it. No I am not kidding. But while you are there, bear this in mind. What you see may not be quite what you might get ...

Last week on Radio Four's PM programme they ran a magnificent article on what used to be called 'lavender marriages'. Now I can't say I have any stats to back this up, but the deal was, in the days before civil partnerships and all this equal rights stuff, that if you were a homosexual male seeking to avoid all sorts of social trouble one way out was to find a homosexual female and enter into a sham marriage of convenience.

Each of you were then free to live separate lives under a veneer of respectability.

It would seem that the followers of the cult of the dead paedophile, not wishing to get hung (if male), or become the subject of an honour killing (if female) are flocking to sites like this IN DROVES.

The idea being, quite simply, that by entering into a marriage and presenting an outward appearance of respectability to gra and grandad, or more to the point to the horde of machete-wielding cousins, these poor buggers can hide behind the veneer of a sham marriage without which they will sure as anything end up on a one way flight to a pakistani backwoods village.

And Radio 4 dragged out quite a selection of moslems who say they've used sites like this to do just that.

Poor bastards.

Ayatollah Khomeini said...

Thanks for the link, johnofgwent. I've just been over to but I couldn't find what I'm looking for. They don't seem to have many four-year-olds. I therefore assume they are a bunch of Westoxicated apostates and I will be issuing the appropriate fatwa in due course.

hyoomik said...

To make a really impressive and progressive possessive, you may use an HTML code that looks like this ’ and thus: ’.

This code certainly works in the normal blogger editing window. And by using “preview” I now know that the code works in the comment window.

Anonymous said...

Hilary, yes I do agree with you concerning the correct use of our langauge, however there is no way whatsoever that we can be compared to the illiterate moronic rantings of the left, those bastions of indecency, the "intellectual elite". One look at any Ugly And Flatulent demonstration and you will immediately see who the knuckle draggers are, if ever there was an organisation that had been struck with the ugly stick, its them. And their threatning jabba talk is the highlight of any discussion board they stumble onto. So we have no worries there, believe me.