Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Green Arrow Forum - Update 1

Lets talk about all of the above

Well the Green Arrow Forum as been up and running for a few days now and although membership is not growing as fast as I had hoped, it is growing and will get there.

There have also been teething problems but they have now been resolved(mostly) as I have discovered how to use the different tools available on the forum.

A couple of points about the purposes of the forum and in no particular order.

It is true that the British National Party has an excellent well moderated forum. But it is for members only (and you should be) and so this forum is for those supporters of the BNP who are not yet sure about making the step of joining. Or in fact may not be able to because of possible persecution at work.

Another purpose, is the gathering of information revealing the corruption and criminal acts carried out by our so called government and other organisations that work against the true British People.

To provide an home to all those interested in Local Economic and Community Activism. This is an open area for all to read and deals with issues such as Litter picking, checking on the elderly and the creation of Purchase groups. This is looked after by a non party nationalist.

Finally, as a courtesy to other forums, an area that they can use should their sites be down because of actions by those who would deny free speech. Hopefully it will not be used often.

Because of attacks on this forum, by those who would seek to deny the True Brits discussing their concerns, many of the areas on the forum are for registered members only.

Understandably most people are or should be concerned with giving out their personal email when registering with anyone. I assure you that I would never divulge or use any information I might learn in my position of administrator. On that you have my word.

But better safe than sorry, so I would recommend that all those wishing to register setup up alternative email accounts with either Microsoft Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. Just click on the links and follow the instructions.

Takes a few minutes, but then you will have an online mail account that you can use anywhere or give out. My email is, none but close family and friends gets my personal email address and that is the way it should be.

So visit the forum, get an overview and then register if you want to be a part of this particular community.

Normal service will now be resumed.

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