Friday, 1 February 2008

Tiscali and Job Losses

Tiscali - a company that likes to sack its staff and export their jobs. One day. One day.

UP to 120 jobs are on the line at an Easter Ross call centre in the wake of shock news that a major contract there is being pulled within weeks, it emerged yesterday.

Careline managing director Charles Cooper-Driver said yesterday, "Over the last two years we have delivered customer support services for billing support and debt management for our client Tiscali at the Teaninich centre in Alness. Following a review of their business, Tiscali has taken a commercial decision to transfer this contract to another supplier. This decision is not based on the excellent operational delivery or quality that all the staff at Alness have delivered. All staff have consistently proven their ability and commitment while delivering services on behalf of Tiscali.

Yes of course the staff have done a great job. But that is not what is all about these days with Global Greed being the order of the day in the business world.

Although it does not say so in the article a little digging reveals where those jobs are going to.

According to sources at the firm, technical support will be provided by Tiscali call centres in North Africa and India from January 18. And the bloodshed is'nt over yet.

Three major Pipex sites are slated for closure by September 2008, sources have claimed.

The Minton, Stoke-on-Trent, call centre employs more than 200, according to the Pipex website. It will be shuttered.

The Manchester centre, taken over by Pipex from the Cauldwell Group in the Homecall acquisition last year, will close. Sources say Tiscali has announced it would like to cut 650 jobs by closing the site. The Manchester Evening News has a story suggesting 300 may be gone by Christmas.

The Welwyn Garden City office is also for the chop.

Tiscali paid £210m for Pipex's 570,000 broadband and voice customers in a deal completed in September. It emerged as the only interested party in a long-running auction process that also included the Bulldog and Toucan brands.

The firings will come in three quick fire rounds, pending the mandatory employee consultation. The first redundancies are set for January this year, when the majority of Pipex call centre and technical support staff will lose their jobs. Second and third purges are scheduled for the end of February and the end of April 2008.

Only the British National Party would prevent the betrayal of loyal British Workers from the greed of Orwellian Pigs. If you want to keep YOUR job, then start supporting the only party that is prepared to stand up to Global Business. The BNP.


A commenter wished to know whether the RAC had moved their call centers abroad. I can confirm they were amoung the first to do so along with Norwich Union.


Anonymous said...

When will the British wake up GA? When will they refuse to meekly bend over the barrel and be gang-raped by marxists, global capitalists and immigrants?

When will the British reach between their legs and find their balls? Because the British are fast becoming a timid, compliant people too cowardly to stand up for themselves.


One day GA, I just hope that when the day dawns it isn't too late.


Anonymous said...

Tell me, when all the companies have pulled out of Britain, and there are no jobs left here, will these greedy opportunist scum still be trying to sell us their wares?. As soon as I have knowledge of a company that has gone overseas, I refuse to spend money with them- if they wouldnt employ me then they certainly wouldnt want to get rich off me either. ps Anyone know of a car breakdown company that isnt empoying overseas?, i used to be with the AA, and then the RAC but I believe they have all sold out, anyone know if thats true?

br said...

yep the aa and the rac are scum - we need a black list.

the worst is when the goverment privatise public owned resourses such as the water companies and then the new private water companies employ overseas!

and do the servics gat any cheaper even though they have caused much unemployment and misery?

do they hell!

big fat bonuses for the big fat directors.

that was our money and our jobs given away by the tories and the last of it given away by labour.

yet we were told private is more efficient - efficiant at ripping the public off, thats for certain.

people should hang for such coruption, treason and greed.

yorkielass said...

After lousy service i moved to Arabs online for 4 months while i sorted out a move to a Uk based Firm ZEN.
My insurance company moved to India so after four years with them i moved my business.
When Barclays snubbed the BNP and took on sharia business after many years with the bank i changed banks.
I refuse to enter any store owned by muslims even if the alternative is further away.
We have some power if only we used it.

yorkielass said...

It's not only what is moving abroad it's what is being bought up here at home.
Egg is in the news today. strange this has only come around now that city bank has Arabs within.
Loads of folk that are not a bad risk are to lose their credit cards.
Anyone knew of this sell off?

Qatar Takes Over Chelsea Barracks
Britain’s prestigious Chelsea Barracks, former home of the Public Duties and State Ceremonial personnel, is now owned by Qatar Diar Real Estate. Qatari Diar is owned by Qatar Investment Authority [SWF].

The Chelsea Barracks are situated in the city of Westminster over some 5.2 hectares [12.8 acres] and the site is regarded as one of the largest and most valuable sites in Britain. It will offer the buyers an opportunity to develop an entirely new community.

Qatar paid for the property approximately $1.85 billion, to be made in even installments over five years.

Gulf Times, Qatar, February 1, 2008