Saturday, 2 February 2008

Alas - Smith and Loser get it wrong again

Some people, intent on trying to split and discredit the British National Party in order to benefit the Tri-Axis pact of the Lib/Lab/con have got it wrong again.

This time, Alas Smith & Loser are supporting Red Ken Livingstone, The Mayor of Londonistan, who also happens to be the Chairman of the violent and anti-democratic Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) mob, in his attempt to silence the British National Party in the run up the elections in May.

Leaflets entitled The Londoner have been and continue to be, distributed by an army of BNP activists all over our former Capital City, now almost fully colonised by the enrichers.

Livingstone, in a desperate attempt to silence the BNP,as well as drawing attention away from the continuing investigations into the disappearance of vast sums of Londoners money has threatened legal action if the BNP continues to publish the leaflet on the grounds that it is trading on the "goodwill of the GLA". Roll on the floor laughing.

The GLA claims that

The Mayor publishes a monthly newspaper called "The Londoner" which is distributed to homes throughout London. The Greater London Authority has been the registered owner of "The Londoner" trademark since 2002

As ever, with the Stalinist, GLA press office propagandists, this is misleading and not strictly true.

They do have a Trade Mark that was registered in 2002, but it is not for a newspaper

The description of their Trade Mark 2317413 entry filed in 2002 and published in 2003 says:

List of goods or services

Class 16:
Newsletters sent by the Mayor of London to all London households.

So where are the GLA legal threats to the Evening Standard and the Associated Newspapers Group?

They do have a Trade Mark for the "Evening Standard The Londoner" Trade Mark 1346786

List of goods or services

Class 16:
Newspapers included in Class 16.

So if anyone is infringing on trade mark rights to 'The Londoner", it is the Newt Man and his crony Lee Jasper.

Were Ken Livingstone, to take the Evening Standard to court over this issue, then he would be defeated and waste even more money then he currently does with massive legal fees and a settlement.

By using intimidating threats of taxpayer funded legal action with the letter to the British National Party stating: "The GLA believes that you are intentionally trading on the goodwill of the GLA in the trademark of ˜The Londoner" he hopes to ward off his day of judgement.

There is no "goodwill" in the sense of paying customer loyalty to a commercial business, which is what Trade Marks are all about - GLA's "The Londoner"is utterly non-commercial and nothing but a waste of taxpayers' money, whereas the BNP's, "The Londoner" is crammed with informative facts.

Neither is there "goodwill" involved in this blatant attempt to suppress political free speech of political opponents in the run up to the election.

Red Kens attack, supported by Alas Smith & Loser on the BNP is just an expensive, taxpayer funded legal threat used by rich and powerful bullies to intimidate those people without the funds to fight expensive court cases. The British National Party does not scare easily.


For more of Red Kens dirty dealings please visit the Fulham Reactionary here.

And now over on Times Online we have the following:

KEN LIVINGSTONE, London’s mayor, has been threatened with referral to the election watchdog unless he stops printing a controversial newspaper branded as “flagrant propaganda” at the taxpayer’s expense.

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are calling for The Londoner, a 20-page free newspaper sent to millions of homes in the capital, to be withdrawn in the run-up the mayoral election on May 1.

An hat tip to Mayor of London blog for information on Trade Marks.


br said...

besides looking at the leaflet we could claim that ours is called the BNP Londoner.

only abrievated in casual reference.

i imagine the BNP already thought of it, we like to poke the scum and rattle their cage!

hee, hee, bring it on Ken, we like the publicity!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous and it shows they are shitting bricks about the May election.

Smith and Loser (nice one GA) revealing their marxist sympathies again. Nice pic on their blog showing Sadie sticking a knife into Nick Griffin's back ;-)

Seriously, the desperation of the nazi smear and stories such as this on their nasty little blog, even Stevie Wonder could see that these two are marxists.

Wonder if they're going to publish a photo of Kenny's nazi eagle chest-tatoo?


Like The Roman said...

The Evening Standard´s registration states:

Registration of this mark shall give no right to the exclusive use of the words "The Londoner".

Does this mean the GLA do have exclusive rights to use this, then? I am confused.

The Green Arrow said...

I would say no. If anything the Standard have a claim against the GLA. The points are profit and the difference between a Newsletter, a pamphlet and a Newspaper.