Monday, 25 February 2008

David Cameron and the Holocaust

The word 'Holocaust' does not belong to the Jews.

I was just about to write a really positive item about something good happening in Our Country and then I was forced to change my mind.

First I could find no good news and secondly I found yet another article in the press attacking David Cameron, for labeling the visits to Auschwitz by school children as a gimmick.

On the first point about the good news, it is extremely depressing to discover that apart from the continued growth of the British National Party, there is nothing to write about of a positive nature.

Our Country, from which so many great inventions and ideas sprung from, now leads the world in nothing but despair and self hatred of our skin colour and history. So moving on.

Of course the governments plans for the visits to the concentration camp are a gimmick. But a gimmick with a duel purpose. The children will return with a sense of guilt and a feeling of obligation to support any actions carried out by Israel and the Jews and more shameful. Distraction.

The holocaust was a terrible time in the history of the world. The deaths of 6 million people dieing in horrendous ways is right up there with the quoted figure of 20 million people who died because of Stalin and communism. However, historians have since calculated that the true numbers killed, should be nearer 62 million.

Should we send our children to the Gulags to learn about the evil of communism? A disease still with us.

But you cannot measure such atrocities against humanity in how many died. Did the families of a tank crew, killed whilst liberating Europe grieve any less than the families of those who died in a concentration camp? Everyone loses and grieves in a time of evil.

And what about the mountains of skulls created in Cambodia by Pol Pot, another crazed communist? What about the 2 million deaths there, when another madman took his country back to Year Zero. Should we send our children to see these mountains of skulls to remind them of the evil of communism?

And then there was the genocide of the Armenians, when the Turks murdered 1.2 million, or is that figure too low to warrant a trip to those mass burial grounds by our children?

No. David Cameron, a man I personally loath, should stand his ground. This is a labour gimmick. Millions of deaths used by Labour to start an argument that detracts the sheep people from the crimes and corruption of their government. A shameful gimmick. Nothing more.


There is a poem here that you may like over at Quod in mente.



Anonymous said...

Wonder why they don't teach about how many people have died because of Islamic jihad?

And I also wonder if they teach that Hitler and the Nazis belong on the left as do all socialists.

Mind you GA, these people have blood on their hands don't they? They and their NATO allies committed war crimes and supported genocide against the Serbs.

I guess telling their own people the truth isn't convenient for them.


najistani said...

"Wonder why they don't teach about how many people have died because of Islamic jihad?"

Africans 120 million

Christians 60 million

Hindus 80 million

Buddhists 10 million

This gives a rough estimate of 270 million killed by jihad.


Sir Henry Morgan said...


And slaves taken, as well.

Africa - 140 million
Europe - 3 million
India - uncountable millions (but as they've taken more slaves out of Africa than they've killed in their conquests, shall we just say 80 million plus)

These people could give lessons to Rome.

Anonymous said...

Quite correct naj and Sir Henry, I still wonder why this isn't taughtb though, do you?

And Sir Hebry, let's take this opportunity to note that 90% of the slaves crossing the Atlantic were males wheras 95% of the slaves taken by the moonbats to their ME cesspits were females.

I have no idea why this would be so, no idea at all.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

And anon - 90% of the 12 million taken across the Atlantic survived.

90% of the 140 million taken by Islam - across the Sahara and by ship up the East coast of Africa - didn't survive.

Further - those taken across the Atlantic weren't hunted and enslaved by white men. They were hunted and enslaved by their own kind and by Muslims, brought to the various slave pens on the West coast of Africa, and then sold AS slaves to the White men. The Muslims hunted their own, as well as buying from other Africans.

So why do whites get all the stick from the Africans? Demands for apologies and billions in compensation. Wrong - trillions. Yet nobody says a dickeybird to the Muslims. Weird.

On top of all that: slavery has been a constant throughout human history, everywhere in the world. It was Britain - when it was populated almost entirely by the white man - that brought it to an end via, mainly, the Royal Navy. Apart from those few places - Muslim, strangely enough - that still practise it semi-secretly, we used our power at the time of Empire to end it everywhere in the world. Ending it cost us far more financially than the profit we ever made from it.

Yet the white man gets the stick, and nobody says anything about Islam.

You've got to wonder what's going on haven't you.

najistani said...

"You've got to wonder what's going on haven't you."

Dhimmitude and Derridan deconstructionism, cultural self-loathing, post-colonial guilt, and the masochistic desire of leading members of our ruling class to be buggered and flagellated by a bunch of inbred shiites. Or to summarise it in one word - Marxism

Anonymous said...

There is an irony in this story, why would Labour, the party that represents the political face of international militant Islam, want to remind the world about Jewish suffering?. As someone who has Jewish blood in the family, and some close valued Jewish friends, I find this continual refering to the holocaust demeans the memories of those that died. And yes, I agree that little enough is said about other attrocities, or those that paid with their lives to defeat the nazis. In fact the shamefull way in which the ww2 veterans (and todays) are treated by Labour makes me realise why no-one is joining the services any longer.