Saturday, 2 February 2008

Foreign Troops to Patrol on British Streets

The EGF - Waiting to knock any ideas of Freedom out of your skull

On December 11th 2007 Bob Spink MP in the Commons debate (Hansard, col 188) prior to the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon asked Miliband for an assurance that the Eurogendarmerie will never be allowed into the UK.

No such assurance was given, and Miliband confirmed that they could enter Britain with Britain’s “consent”, presumably just the consent of the government. What he did not mention and what was not spelt out was the (obvious) fact that once the EGF is inside a country, it will not leave that country simply because that country’s national authorities tell it to leave, for it will not recognise those authorities, but only its own supreme authority in Brussels.

EU military police may be Turks

Another disturbing element of the Treaty of Velsen is in article 44 which provides for the recruitment of Eurogendarmes not only from member states but also from “candidate states”.

Indeed the Portuguese EU Presidency’s website, announcing the signing of this Treaty, stated that Turkey had already shown interest. So when the EGF does come over to Britain, we could find ourselves being policed by Turks in EU uniform. Even if they are excluded from being full members of the EU because their human rights record is not good enough, and torture in Turkish police stations is reported to be commonplace, the Turks are evidently considered good enough to be recruited as policemen to police us.

Please note - these are not soldiers, they are European riot-control policemen. They are actually members of the Spanish Guardia Civil as you can see from the flashes on their left shoulders, and it is written on the flak jacket of the man standing on the left of the picture, but if you look at their right upper arms you will just glimpse the royal-blue armband of the European Gendarmerie Force - which has as its emblem a circle of little yellow stars, and in the middle a "sword and a flaming grenade, symbolising the common military root of European police" (this logo and the armband are fully explained on their website).

This "military root" we need hardly say, may be "common" to the police forces of continental Europe, but it is utterly alien to our own policing traditions. Note their steel helmets, and their heavy automatic rifles, carried here by the Guardia "Civil", by what they are pleased to call a "civilian" police force. . .

Europeans distrust police

In continental Europe, our idea of "policing by consent" is considered a bizarre and incomprehensible contradiction in terms. Of course one of the duties of continental police is to tackle crime. But they are also regularly and normally considered to be a fairly blunt instrument whereby the State imposes its will on the citizenry in general. It has always been that way.

They are occasionally admired, more often feared, and sometimes hated by the population at large, law-abiding and criminal elements alike. They are seldom recruited locally.

One unfortunate result is that whenever they try to investigate a crime, they often receive little help from the public - people are most unwilling to "step forward" (hence the phenomenon of omertá - which is a tremendous obstacle to any serious police detective work). So the extent to which crime goes unchecked is often higher on the continent than in the UK, although it is worsening in the UK as we are being brought into line with continental practice, with our own policemen being taken off the beat and so out of that daily contact with the local population, which would enable confidence and trust to be built.

Explains why our police force are no longer seen protecting us on the streets.
when the Gestapo jackbooted thugs are seen here it will be too late.
The long term plotting of our politicians more and more is becoming clearer Orwells 1984 becoming the reality.


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yorkielass. said...

What i also found very interesting about the Gestapo was their training.
They don't pretend to fight islamic terrorists they practise their violent behaviour on French nationalists.
Already over a million are trained and equiped. perhaps another reason our armies are being depleted.
The EUSSR will rule with an iron fist used against Europeans as did Stalin before them.
Investigations are going on here after info came that we also have guys in training here ready to join the Gestapo.