Friday, 8 February 2008

Net closing on UAF Founder

Lee Jasper - Co Founder of the UAF starting to really sweat

It looks as thought the net finally is to start closing on Lee Jasper, the professional parasite feeding off the London ratepayers. Those that are left that is.

Lee Jasper, a close friend of Stalinist Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone is being investigated into the disappearance of at least £3.3 million paid into a number of projects run by friends of Mr Jasper. Strangely enough many of these project have come out in support of Red Kens campaign for Mayor. Who says money can't but you love?

Lee Jasper, who was one of the founders, along with Ken Livingstone, of the anti-democratic and violent Unite Against Freedom(UAF) mob of paid agitators. Paid agitators used by the state to attack the British National Party. Never standing for elections.; Never allowing a platform for free speech and Never speaking for the the True Brits, the only role of the UAF is to attack the BNP.
Lee Jasper worked as a Doctor Evil lookalike and was employed by the BNP, before finding a friend in Red Ken and becoming extemely wealthy. Wealthy by becoming a "Professional Black" and the chairing and sitting on numerous committees and organisations as the Black Voice of London. The image above is a constant reminder of Lee's roots and why he wishes to destroy the BNP.


Peter said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish, thats what I say.

Anonymous said...

He's a lovely looking bloke isnt he, is it one of the pre-requisites of the left to be ugly?.

bernard said...

Funny how these cheerfull chappies like to call themselves 'black' wherein fact he looks barely 50%.
The other 50% caucasian is not important though, cos black is where the money is.