Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Nick Griffin sells local newspapers

No doubt about it. The very mention of the words British National Party sells newspapers. Mention Nick Griffin, the Chairman of the Party and sales double or at least their online visitors do.

The Hastings Observer is still running with the story of the Chairmans visit and has come back with a response from the Dhimmi Leader of the Borough Council, Someprat Pragnell who takes pride in saying:

"We have more than 90 different nationalities living here in relative harmony and it is our aim and intention to keep it that way.

"Any suggestion that we stop working with the various black and minority ethnic groups is a non-starter.

"As for the comment about removing foreign nationals to make Hastings a more attractive town to tourists, what nonsense".
Well much as Mr Pragnell would like to keep it "that way", it sadly does not work "that way". They keep coming and coming and coming. He knows this. He wants them to come. He wants their votes.

When he says working with "black and minority ethnic groups" he means, buying their votes by giving them everything they want at the expense of the True Brits in Hastings.

Well you can get that story here. Do not forget to vote on the poll on the right of the page and again leave a nice, polite comment for Cllr Pragnell.

Picking up on the realisation, that there is money to be made in using the Magic Letters, BNP. The Bucks Herald has published a story, again about Nick Griffin speaking at a meeting in Aylesbury.

The local MP and council are of course frothing at the mouth as usual.
Cllr Khan said: "It is unwelcome to have people with such unsavoury views approaching Aylesbury. I am sure they will not find Aylesbury fertile territory as Aylesbury enjoys excellent inter-cultural relations."
Anyhow let us leave the last word with the Chairman of the BNP.
I'm sure we will get a negative reaction from local politicians who do not like having a new kid on the block. Anywhere we go we have people who welcome us with open arms and other people who are already politically committed who run around kicking up a fuss saying that we are not welcome."


Cymrubach said...

Someprat Pragnell I have to agree with you GA does not want to rock the boat as regards his multicult paradise.

His comments "We have more than 90 different nationalities living here in relative harmony and it is our aim and intention to keep it that way"..I dont know if its me either, but these words are slightly threatening. This country belongs to Britain and not to ethnic minorities with a sum total of 90 different nationalities in Hastings. Mr Pragnell would do well in remembering that.

Anonymous said...

BNP were removed from facebook yet it seems jihadist promoting terrorism is acceptable.

Terrorists recruiting on net via Facebook

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View GalleryBy Miles Johnson
RADICAL British Jihadist groups are using Facebook and other social networking sites to recruit members and distribute extremist literature.

A private Facebook group called Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah, the name of a successor organisation to the banned extremist group Al Muhajiroun, has been operating since early 2007.

The Facebook group has links posted to extremist literature by the jailed radical preachers Abu Hamza al-Misri and Abu Qutada calling for the waging of armed jihad against the British and American governments. There is also literature demanding the expulsion of any Muslim who votes in elections or "provides assistance" to the 'kuffar', or non-believer.

Five young British Muslims were freed last week after their conviction for downloading and sharing literature from extremist websites was quashed by the Appeal Court.

The Lord Chief Justice said there was no proof of terrorist intent. The Home Office is still considering the landmark case, which lawyers for the men say has huge implications for counter-terrorism prosecutions.

Although the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain welcomed the ruling, it warned young Muslims to stay away from extremist websites. The parliament's leader, Dr Ghayasudin Siddiqui, said: "It is a dangerous area."

One website article, entitled Jihad: A Ten Part Compilation, describes violent Jihad as an "individual duty" of all Muslims. It includes a religious ruling for young Muslims on the legitimacy of taking up "martyrdom" without informing their parents. It concludes: "No permission (from parents] is required in obligatory jihad."

Al Muhajiroun and its affiliate groups Al Ghurabaa and The Saved Sect were banned in the UK in 2005 under the Terrorism Act and their leader, the radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, was prevented from re-entering the UK.

Bakri Mohammed, who now lives in Lebanon, has since boasted that his organisationwas operating until recently on several major British campuses including Oxford, Imperial College London and Cambridge.

Anjem Choudary, the former second in command of Al-Muhajiroun and current leader of its successor groups, Follower of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah and Captive Support, said that his organisations widely used the internet and social networking sites to recruit support, but claimed no link to the Facebook group.

Choudary said Omar Bakri Mohammed continued to advise members over the internet from Lebanon.

Bakri Mohammed has referred to the September 11 hijackers as the "magnificent 19" and declared that "the life of an unbeliever has no value".
A Home Office spokesman said last night: "The Government is committed to tackling those who encourage terrorism, including those who glorify the work of terrorists and those who spread messages of hate on the internet."

The full article contains 440 words and appears in Scotland On Sunday newspaper.Last Updated: 16 February 2008 8:58 PM
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Anonymous said...

Press Releases for February 2008

February 13, 2008
Government figures wrong on where immigrants come from, confirms Statistics Commission


February 13, 2008
Government figures wrong on where immigrants come from, confirms Statistics Commission

The Government has the ability to control a much larger percentage of immigrants coming to the UK than it claims.

This has emerged after think tank Migrationwatch asked the independent Statistics Commission to look at Government claims that 52% of immigrants are from outside the EU whereas Migrationwatch say the figure was 68%.

After reviewing the figures the Statistics Commission has agreed that the Migrationwatch figure is the more accurate.

Migrationwatch numbers were arrived at by looking at net migration of foreign nationals (the difference between the number of foreign nationals migrating to the UK and emigrating from the UK). The Government arrive at their 52% figure by including migration of British citizens which Migrationwatch say are not relevant to the debate about where immigrants come from.

The Statistics Commission makes the point that, for control of immigration purposes, it may be better to consider in-migration only. On this basis, even if returning British citizens are included, the Statistics Commission confirms that non-EU citizens make up the majority (58%) of immigrants to the UK.

‘This is highly significant in practical terms,’ said Sir Andrew Green, Migrationwatch chairman. The Government has no control over who comes from EU states, but it could reduce the numbers from non-EU countries. We can understand that they want to play down the numbers of non-EU immigrants because, if they are made to appear relatively unimportant, it lets them off the hook of taking effective action. They further compound matters by refusing any discussion on immigration issues as the House debates the details of the new EU’ Treaty. ’ Not a single line on this subject will be debated.

‘But none of this will fool the public of whom 80% want to see immigration sharply reduced. These figures prove that more than two thirds of immigrants come from outside the EU and show that there could be a substantial reduction if the Government had the will to do it,’ said Sir Andrew.

See the full exchange of letters between Migrationwatch and the Statistics Commission.