Saturday, 16 February 2008

Let us start the day with some - Petitions

No good looking up there Archbishop. You have to answer to us first.

Come on lets do this before we forget. Lets take time out to sign a couple of worthwhile petitions.

The first is one calling for the dismissal of Dr Rowan Williams from his position of Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr Williams is one of the new breed of Church Leaders that have been emptying Churches quicker than MPs fiddling their expenses and wants to see the adoption of Islamic Sharia law as an alternative to British Law. One law for you. One law for me. Two for Muslims to pick and choose from. So do your Christian duty and give him a slap on the cheek by signing it.

The second petition, which already has close on half a million signatures so far, is one calling for a new public holiday. The National Remembrance Holiday would serve a dual purpose for the True Brits of Britain to commemorate those who have given their lives for Our Country whilst reaffirming our commitment to the survival of Our Nation.

So come on then. Lets sign them now.

Hat tip: Lionheart


gatesofvienna said...

Signed both friday lionheart sent an e-mail. i have passed the petition on to everyone in my address book.

Here they go again making demands at number 10.
Checkout the list of supporters then i suggest doing a search on these terror supporters.

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'Yes to equal citizenship, no to double standards'
Yes to Equal Citizenship, No to Double Standards

Vigil outside 10 Downing Street

Saturday 16 February, 2-4pm

There come moments when it is important for fair-minded people to stand their ground. Now is a time for solidarity; to affirm respect, equality and parity for all Britons, irrespective of race and creed. Can it be good for Britain if a section of society – however small and socio-economically deprived – feels scape-goated and ostracised?

Following the Archbishop of Canterbury's thoughtful address calling for a dialogue on shariah issues there have been appalling displays of prejudice and contempt towards Islam and Muslims. It is not a matter of being unduly sensitive to criticism, but rather a warning of the slippery slope from verbal mockery to physical intimidation. Do we really want Mosely's Black Shirts back on the streets of Britain?

We are deeply troubled with the suggestion that it is somehow OK for a Muslim MP to be bugged because of the 'war on terror'. We are worried by headlines like 'Minister warns of inbreeding Muslims'. We are disturbed when an eminent Islamic scholar is denied entry to the UK. We are troubled that our concerns on issues of sacrilege are dismissed as an infringement on freedom of speech. It is no wonder that even in our schools, Muslim children highlight their fear of bullying more frequently than those from other faith groups. Is this the society of the future we want – one of first-class, confident citizens and second-class, anxiety-ridden citizens?

It is with these questions in mind that a number of civil society organisations have come together to stage a vigil outside No. 10 Downing Street on Saturday 16th February 2008 at 2pm, under the slogan 'Yes to Equal Citizenship, No to Double Standards'.

For further information please contact BMI media office on 07786 257120 or email mediambi@gmailcom.

Download leaflet (pdf) here

Organised by: British Muslim Initiative, Islamic Forum of Europe, Muslim Association of Britain, Islamic Human Right Commission, Da'watul Islam, Young Muslim Organisation UK, Muslimaat UK, The Cordoba Foundation, Centre for the Study of Terrorism, Friends of Al Aqsa, Palestinian Forum in Britain. IslamExpo, FOSIS, ICMG UK, Sri Lanka Islamic Forum UK, Algerian League in Britain, Council of Nigerian Muslim Organisations, Indian Muslim Federation, Jama'at Ahle Sunnat UK, Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association, Muslim Solidarity Committee,Muslim Welfare House Trust (London), Muslim Women Society (MWS), Muslim Women's Association, The Council of European Jamaats, UK Action Committee on Islamic Affairs, UK Islamic Mission, UK Turkish Islamic Association, World Federation of KSIMC, World Islamic Mission

Supported by: Muslim Council of Britain & British Muslim Forum UNBRELLA GROUP FOR THE NAZI MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

Posted on Friday, February 15, 2008 by Martin Sullivan in UK, Resisting Islamophobia | Comments Off

gatesofvienna said...

I have just read a very long article on the then demands of certain muslim groups for sharia laws in the uk.
What made my blood run cold was to read word for word the very same as we have heard on the recent debate
Dr Sookhdeo said " within ten years sharia councils will be in every town across this country"
He is depressed at the politicians telling us one thing while doing another.
The last paragraph reminds me also of Dr Sookhdeos recent words regarding the muslim population of this country when like us he hears the MANTRA of 3% of the population
he describes this as a gross UNDERESTIMATE.
Not just relying on my ten fingers and toes to count i have to agree with Dr Sookhdeo.
70% of muslim Pakistanis marry and bring their wives from their homeland this includes all her close relatives.
Then the high birth rates. also on migration watch figures that most immigrants into the uk come from outside the EU.
Plus my own lying eyes.
This is a time bomb in more ways than one. these marriages are between cousins this in turn is seeing high birth defects in babies born to these couples.
The NHS will be crippled by this and eventually will see the end of our NHS.
One man four wives this means in one year this one could have four kids.
That makes in one year 9 folk receiving NHS care. Now imagine this same guy after a couple of years there could be 17 in this one family draining away services meant for the normal standard British family.
Drains on uk. supplies etc etc etc.
Now try telling me we prosper from the muslim community then prove it!

2006 ...............

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo stated: "The Government has not been straight about this. It has its own sharia advisers and it has already introduced measures that are compliant with sharia law. Muslim communities are creating their own infrastructure based on sharia law. A Muslim community can now function within its own society on every level."

The Rev Keith Osmund-Smith, of the Heart of England Baptist Association, claimed: "It is almost like a stealthy change in the law and I'm very very much against it."

83-year old Dr Mohammed Naseem is chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, He is seen by a moderate for his banning Hizb-ut Tahrir from his mosque, but on July 27 last year, he had made some bizarre claims at a public meeting, such as saying that Muslims "all over the world have never heard of an organisation called al-Qa'eda". Naseem also suggested that the DNA of the four perpetrators of the bombings of 7 July, which killed 52 people, had got there "accidentally".

When consulted this week about the issue of alternative Sharia Law being enforced in Britain, Naseem said: "Sharia law states that you respect the law of the land and therefore it cannot be enforced in this country."

Naseem is not being entirely honest. The respect for law of the land only holds when Muslims are in a minority. Once Muslims make up half of a population, it is Islamically acceptable for them to call for the entire country to be subject to Sharia Law.

A spokesperson from the UK Department for Communities and Local Government stated: "Sharia law will not be introduced to the whole or any part of the UK. We are absolutely clear that existing British law applies to everyone."

Posted by Giraldus Cambrensis at 10:01 PM | Comments (0)

gatesofvienna said...

GA common purpose here...
The queen is no longer head of state.
Again politicians saying one thing yet lie to us all and do another.
We must rid ourselves of this cancer we call Westminster.
I accuse the archbishop of Canterbuty of being himself a COMMON PURPOSE GRADUATE!!

The limitations of royal prerogative are clear. Sir Robert Howard: "No prerogative may be recognised that is contrary to Magna Carta or any other statute, or that interferes with the liberties of the subject. The courts have jurisdiction therefore, to enquire into the existence of any prerogative, it being a maxim of the common law that the king ought to be under no man, but under God and the law, because the law makes the king. If any prerogative is disputed, the courts must decide the question of whether or not it exists in the same way as they decide any other question of law. If a prerogative is clearly established, they must take the same judicial notice of it as they take of any other rule of law."

Blackstone pointed out that English law was superior to that of other nations because liberty under the law was the purpose of the constitution: "A right of every Englishman is that of applying to the Courts of Justice for redress of injuries. Since the law in England is the supreme arbiter of every man's life, liberty and property, Courts of Justice must at all times be open to the subject, and the law be duly administered therein."

The Cambridge Law Journal, 1955, referring to (now Professor Sir, QC) William Wade's The Basis of Legal Sovereignty, said that: "sovereign legislation depends for its authority on (what Salmond calls) an 'ultimate legal principle', i.e.: a political fact for which no purely legal explanation can be given. If no statute can establish the rule that the courts obey (the UK) parliament, similarly no statute can alter or abolish that rule. It is above and beyond the reach of statute…because it is itself the source of the authority of statute.

Have you heard of Common Purpose? Have you heard of the Fabian Society? Did you know they are connected?

John Prescott introduced a system into England called Common Purpose. If you are not aware of Common Purpose then please read this first before continuing.

Part of the rules laid down by Common Purpose are to hold meetings to Chatham House rules. which simply means "...nothing discussed in said meeting can be discussed in any way, outside of said meeting..." Now Chatham House is also the head quarters of the Fabian Society. John Prescott is a Fabian. Now Common Purpose's sole objective is basically to: Infiltrate, Destroy then Recreate in a Fabianistic way.

Please note:

Common Purpose has members in the NHS, BBC, the police, the legal profession, the church, many of Britain’s 7,000 quangos, local councils, the Civil Service, government ministries, Parliament, and it controls many RDA's (Regional Development Agencies).

Cressida Dick is the Common Purpose senior police officer who authorised the "Shoot to kill" policy without reference to Parliament, the law or the British Constitution. Jean de Menezes was one of the innocents who died as a result. Her shoot to kill policy still stands today.

You might be interested to know that the man who taught the Queen about Constitutional Law was a Fabian by the name of Sir Henry Martin. Sir Henry went to Balliol College Oxford with Arthur Toynbee (another Fabian) who in turn taught the late Prime Minister Edward Heath. (please note: Oxford University promotes and teaches PPE. Blair, Cameron and numerous other top MP's have degree's in PPE.)

Arthur Toynbee said at the 4th meeting of the conference for: International Institutions for the Scientific Study of International Relations held June 8th - 10th 1931 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"...I will not prophesise, I will merely repeat that we are at present working discreetly but with all our might, to rest this mysterious political force called Sovereignty, out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands. because to impugn the sovereign of the local national states of the world is still heresy, for which a statesman or a publicist can be, perhaps, not quite burnt at the stake but certainly ostracized and discredited. The dragon of the local Sovereign can still use it's teeth and claw when it is bought to bay..."

The purpose of these conferences was to: by the leap of nations international cooperation to affiliate cooperation between institutions of international affairs of different countries.

In other words - Globalisation. Lets take for example the UK. We could have chose Serbia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, America, Canada, the list is endless but we for now concentrate on England. So what did Toynbee mean by his speech. Basically to carry on with a process started in England by Asquith in 1911 by the Parliament Act 1911 to destroy England's Sovereignty, then it's Democracy and it's Constitutional Laws. Leading the people of England into believing that what they are doing is for our own good, when on the contrary they are destroying our Sovereignty and our country. Changing the constitutional laws as they go Illegally to suit their globalistic needs, resulting in the loss of our constitution and our democracy for what reason a one world empire. As reported by the Times - The Brussels bureaucrat who would be emperor. José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

“Now what we have is the first non-imperial empire. We have 27 countries that fully decided to work together and to pool their sovereignty. I believe it is a great construction and we should be proud of it.”

In case this page gets removed which has a habit of happening. we have copied it for permanent reference.

So for all of you who haven't quite caught up the words "...pool their sovereignty..." are the key and the proof alone. How can we pool our sovereignty? We have a monarch bound by constitutional laws - or does this mean that our government have told the EU something they haven't told us? Are they saying that our constitution and are monarch do not exist any more? Because it certainly seems that way. Does this mean that Gordon Brown wants the people to be sovereign, So we can pool our sovereignty with the EU - in other words except foreign rule. Do you see now how fitting Toynbee's Fabian speech was in 1931 and how it fits in perfectly to what is going on now. Can you see how these people slowly undermine and destroy sovereign countries to achieve their goal.

Our Queen is no longer head of this country, she is in fact just an illusion. This is exactly what the Fabians want and are achieving and this is TREASON. Please read this or the Sunday Express report on this subject.

The Pledge - Successive governments using automatic assent.

The Turn - Completely ignoring constitutional law but making out what they are doing is legal.

The Prestige - Sovereignty destroyed, Constitution destroyed, Democracy destroyed, England destroyed.

The Fabians in government are doing their utmost to destroy our constitution and fool us into believing, that if the people become sovereign, the people themselves will govern our country - when the reality is the people will be governed by the EU and the EU will destroy this country.


Ronbo said...


The Archbishop's pro-Sharia Law remarks seems to have ignited a fuse on both sides of Pond.

The only question is does the fuse set off the righteous anger of patriotism and anti-Islamism in Britain and America, or does it lead to an empty cardboard box?

The former, I hope.

The only viable solution to the Muslim Problem in all countries of the West is the exile of all members of "The Religion of Peace" back to their countries of origin.

Cheers, Ronbo