Saturday, 23 February 2008

Green Arrow Forum goes green

I am playing - sorry, working today on The new Green Arrow Forum. One of the comments posted was that they quite liked the new colour scheme as it reminded them of Peas and Carrots.

Which is I suppose is quite appropriate, because the sites Local Economic Activity is starting to really grow in size, as the owner of the area, loughrigg adds more articles on subjects such as tea growing, home brewing and the like.

As I said in a previous post, where I also gave instructions on setting up an online email account, for greater personal security, the site is primarily a place for BNP members and supporters.

There they are free to drop in and express their opinions on the news subject posted or anything else they wish to chat about.

But the forum is also a good place for those interested, to learn more about the British National Party to join and hopefully become aware that we are not the knuckle dragging, baby eating monsters portrayed by the state controlled press. We love our children. That is why we fight.

Today, I have added the Calendar Display option where registered members can leave information on coming events such as by-elections, Farm Day sales and any events that they wish to post.

The online chat area is an hit and miss feature at the moment, depending on how many members are using the forum at the time but I am always there for those who want to chat, ask questions or to listen to suggestions.

But a forum needs members to breath. It needs members who will contribute or like a plant without water it will wither and die. Join it and support it. It is there for you.

Now lets go see how I can get message alerts to pop up.

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