Monday, 18 February 2008

Can you help ABEX?

I have written before about the excellent work done by the Association of British Ex-Service Personnel (ABEX). Well they who have done so much for others also need help.

They are currently attempting to raise £500 for a permanent memorial to Major Robert Perkins who recently died at the early age of 53.

Major Robert Perkins had spent 28 years in the Armed Forces. He recently retired and was to play a key role within ABEX. Unfortunately, the day before our meeting to appoint Robbie, he sadly passed away. The irony is that Robbie himself was in need of support and help, yet was prepared to help others before himself - a True Soldier!

The memorial is yet to be decided but will be along the lines of a bench and plague placed in one of Robbie's favourite places.

I do not like to mix politics with an appeal, but if the memorial is a bench then I would like to make every rotten politician who supports these illegal wars to sit on it and think about the consequences of their actions.

Anyhow if you can help, then please go over and make a donation no matter how small. Of course if you can afford it then make it a LARGE donation for the other causes they support. I salute you Major Robert Perkins.


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