Friday, 1 February 2008

BNP's blonde bombshell

Donna Bailey - Councillor in waiting

Would not be my choice of header for an article about a Lady but that is the one used by the Daily Mail in their report on Donna Bailey, future British National Party councillor and hopefully one day, an MP.

You can go read the full story here. An excellent article that shows the True Brits that we are them and they are us despite the reporters attempt at making it a smear. Remember to leave a favourable comment.

One disappointing bit in the story is the reaction of her neighbour James Palmer who said he was the "Neighbour of the Beast" and went on to say; "I don't think there should be a place for it in a village like this."

A stupid man who does not care what happens to the rest of the country so long as his tiny part of it does not change. If he wants to keep his place in the Sun he should start supporting Donna and the British National Party because they are the only one's who really care. Even for him. Just.

UPDATE 02021418GMT

I have just got back home from helping Donna put out her election address in Lower Beeding (along with a number of her other friends and supporters) and I can tell you that there is tremendous support for her in the village.

She is a very personable, intelligent lady and is an absolute credit to the British National Party and will be a major asset for Lower Beeding if she is fortunate enough to win the upcoming election.

The article is truly excellent coverage for the British National Party and the overall tone of it is well-balanced for an establishment rag like the Daily Mail.

But there is more!! Donna also appeared in a fairish piece on the BBC's South Today programme at 6.40 p.m. and again at 10.25 p.m. yesterday, which can be viewed here

PLUS there was another article about her in last Sunday's Observer, which can be read here,00.html

Interestingly, the reporter from South Today intimated that Donna may be invited to appear on the Politics Show (Sundays at 1 p.m.) and indicated that the "No platform" policy could be on the way out!

Perhaps the media and their establishment controllers are beginning to wake up to the fact that the BNP are gaining much more ground than they would like to publicly admit and that our policies are resonating with the disenfranchised indigenous population.

Hat tip: Captain Swing, SF


ivan said...

just read this story in the daily mail this is very positive publicity.

Nobody's lemming said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this lady is stunning, and would be a credit to any political party, we are very lucky to have her on board. No ammount of slurs or silly remarks by the detractors of democracy will stick to her, as she exudes a class which the female potatoes of the LibLab=Con could only dream about. Good luck in your campaign honey, you will no doubt pick up plenty of votes from us men!

Anonymous said...

And the Mail just had to have a picture of bogeyman Nick Griifin's "usual face" didn't it?

Good luck to Donna.


yorkielass said...

She's a classy lady.
Donna can come around for coffee anyday but then i'm biased.
i left two comments lets see if the mail are holding them back.
mine were neither rude nor abusive.
But i remember their tirade against English Rose over the mega mosque.
Their article was not researched also included a pack of lies which i took great pleasure in pointing this out to them.
Bias runs right through the national press and media it has to by order of their EU masters.
Good luck Donna. you go girl!

Nobody's lemming said...

The Mail are very selective about the content of any comments, nothing which could incite people to wake up is their general rule. I too left a polite message, but I bet it doesnt get printed, though sure if it had been running the BNP down, then it would have singed the webpage in their hurry to print it!. Britains media-giving the people just enough to think that someone cares, but not offering anything to help them change things.

dailymail WON`T print BNP comments said...

trust me, there wont be any pro BNP comments - never are, wont be published - dont wast your time! the times however may print your comments on occasion.

the daily mail comments section is a farse.

yorkielass said...

My friend from down south also placed a comment at the mail.
She sent an e-mail to tell me so far no comments at all!
Now we know some were given i wonder how many?
Proves the point made earlier their EU masters would i assume do them damage for allowing Democracy in a dictatorship in which we clearly live today.


najistani said...



A Muslim woman suing a salon owner for refusing her a hairdressing job because of her headscarf has more than doubled her claim for damages, after allegedly receiving hate mail.

Bushra Noah, 19, from Acton, claims Sarah Desrosiers, who runs the Wedge salon in King's Cross, behaved in a "high-handed, malicious, insulting or oppressive manner" by discussing the case in public.

She claims this caused media intrusion in her life, harassment and hate mail, and left her feeling "awkward and embarrassed". As a result, Ms Noah, who is suing Ms Desrosiers for religious discrimination, has now raised her claim for damages from just over £15,000 to more than £35,000.

Read the rest at

yorkielass said...

This taken from a very long article entitled Why England is rotting a Canadian blog.
I found it very sad at the same time anger welled up inside of me.
BBC any answers today a gentleman called in relation to fiddling theifing MPs. his anger got the better of him and he called for the government to be brought down and the rest kicked out.
How true the words are the bravest today in England is the working class man.
How the BBC would have loved to cut him off for saying what millions think.

London itself, frequently mistaken by outsiders as representing Britain as a whole, has become, in the words of the British conservative commentator Charles Moore, a "city state ... with a fairly unimportant country attached." London's role as a financial centre on its way to eclipsing New York City has provided a vision of prosperity which, it is assumed, trickles down to the population at large. But it is a city in which increasingly only those on welfare, or the super-rich, can afford to live. It has become a playground for non-domiciled billionaires and financial wizards who receive multi-million-pound bonuses to artificially inflate property prices and average earnings levels.
The IMF recently ranked Britain alongside the likes of Bermuda and the Caymans as a tax haven. Last year, accountants from Grant Thornton calculated that the U.K.'s 54 billionaires paid income tax totalling £14.7 million($32 million)on their combined £126 billion($271 billion)fortunes. There is an argument to be made for some of this wealth trickling down -- perhaps to the catering and entertainment and other service industries, but the main burden of supporting Britain's gargantuan state machinery lies with the working and middle classes -- many of them unable to afford a house in London.
The central government's policies, extending to the ballooning public sector and expanding welfare provision, have rendered large parts of the populace reliant on redistributionist state largesse. Added to this is the government's fondness for legislation and intervention in many aspects of its citizens' affairs.
For instance, the Home Office, which handles crime, immigration and security, has put no less than 3,000 new offences on the statute book since 1997 -- on issues from detention without trial to the correct use of cellphones in cars. Myriads of new laws affecting personal liberty have been introduced, from religious hatred legislation to a national identity card scheme. Bible tracts are seized as evidence of hate literature at homosexual rights rallies, Catholic childrens' agencies are required to place foster children with gay couples, and protests are banned in the vicinity of Parliament.
But it is Dalrymple's identification, noted above, of a "population increasingly unable to distinguish the trivial from the important," that is causing commentators, politicians and swaths of Middle England concern.
A few weeks ago, for instance, a mother, a grandmother and two aunts of a pair of toddlers were spared jail for filming a fight between the children in which they were goaded to viciously assault each other. On the same day, a man was sent to jail for four months for dogfighting. Similar inconsistencies are everywhere increasingly apparent. Tony Blair recently announced a plan to provide pregnant problem mothers with state "super-nannies" to teach them good child-rearing practices. At the same time, local government authorities employ nurses to provide underage girls with morning-after contraception services -- the most notorious example of this was when a nurse met a girl at a McDonald's and administered the dose in the restroom. Another girl of 14 had an abortion after counselling from school health workers. In both cases, parents were not informed because of the child's right to privacy.
And it is young people who are causing the most concern. Recent statistics showed, for instance, that at least one child aged five and under is expelled from school every week and many more excluded for offences ranging from fighting to sexual assault to drug dealing. Increasingly, but belatedly, politicians are beginning to identify the decline of marriage and the family as the major cause of this and other social dysfunctions including ill health, crime, rampant promiscuity and welfare dependency. David Cameron, the leader of a resurgent Conservative party, finds himself able to mention this publicly without being crushed by the forces of political correctness. He points out that every government statistic garnered over the past 20 years shows that families bound together by marriage are happier, healthier and wealthier, and he is promising to alter the tax system to provide incentives for marriage, fidelity within marriage, and child nurture.
A few weeks ago, Cameron railed at the increasing lack of civility in British society. Citing the case of the women forcing their children to fight for the camera, he said "all these are signs of a culture that is becoming de-civilized -- and the terrible thing is, we are getting used to it." Government's interventions in the realm of personal responsibility had stripped people, particularly parents, of the need to take responsibility for themselves: "My worry is that after a decade of a Labour government that said, 'the state is always the answer, more government is the answer,' they actually created the irresponsible society."
Increasing numbers attribute Britain's lapse into incivility to the misapplication of welfare and the disincentives to taking responsibility that this causes. Despite overwhelming evidence of the benefits, social and economic, of marriage to society, Gordon Brown in one of his first acts as chancellor abolished the married couples allowance, which gave tax breaks to a husband and wife who stayed together.
A Conservative party policy paper last year revealed that three-quarters of family breakdowns affecting young children now involve unmarried parents, and that cohabiting parents were more than twice as likely to break up than married couples. Government figures show that by 2031 there will be four million cohabiting couples. Over the past 20 years the proportion of children born outside marriage has risen from 12 per cent to 42 per cent.
Labour's highly complicated tax credit system, born partly from a need to reduce child poverty, made welfare benefits for lone parents far more generous and, perversely, rendered a poor family headed by a single parent better off than a poor family headed by a couple. An out-of-work couple with children would thus be better off by between 27 and 35 per cent if they broke up, and a couple earning minimum wage with children would see their income rise by 12 per cent if the father moved out.
Britain leads Europe -- and most of the world -- in terms of single-mother households. Commentators and politicians are increasingly linking this to the fact that the country offers the most generous benefits in Europe to those same households. They recall former president Clinton's success in reducing teenage pregnancy rates and lone parent households by changing welfare entitlements.
In Sweden, a single parent begins to lose state support if he or she is not in employment by the time the first child is three. In Britain, the government is only now taking soundings on the possibility of doing the same thing when a child reaches 12.
Whatever the case, those couples who do take responsibility to provide for themselves are forced to work to meet the bills, and many children rarely see their parents. Government has plowed millions into child care facilities without considering the benefits of manipulating the tax system to allow one carer to remain at home. There are now plans to keep state schools open for 50 hours a week, so educators who went into the profession to teach find themselves transformed into social workers and surrogate parents.
As a means of targeting the poor and encouraging the low-paid into employment, Gordon Brown shuns tax allowances, whereby the individual is allowed to retain more of his earnings at source, in favour of tax credits where income is taxed and returned after means testing. The message is clear: wealth cannot stay with the earner, who, arguably, is better able to make decisions about their personal financial circumstances. Wealth instead belongs first to the state, which sets itself up as the sole axis and arbiter of redistribution.
Economists and think tanks contend that it is hardly surprising that so many at the bottom end of the income scale opt for welfare instead of employment. Because Brown has increased National Insurance contributions(a levy designed to help fund the NHS)and allowed the personal income tax allowance to shrink as earnings rise, it is the poor who now pay the largest share of their income in direct taxation. A minimum wage earner in the U.K., after the first 26 hours' work per week, pays over 30 pence in every extra pound he earns direct to the taxman.
The fiscal dynamics of marriage, home and family at the lowest end of the earning scale are thus not governed by the principle of self-betterment, experts say. "The bravest and most admirable person in Britain today is the working-class man with children who clings to self-provision when it would be far easier to get on the state teat," said David Smith of the Institute of Economic Affairs. "If you look after your children and stay with your partner, you are poor and the kids are debits. If you leave home the state takes over your family and you, alone again, are richer."
In France and other European nations, child-rearing is rewarded by a reduction in the tax burden. In Britain, poor families crumble, male role models are encouraged to depart, and children of broken unions soon lapse into delinquency and social ostracization.
Government is doing everything it can to keep growing numbers of Britain's youth from becoming feckless. It has plans to force young people not in training to stay in school until they are 18, but for many, this is shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. The Conservatives say it is the decline of the family unit, the fiscal and practical challenges to good parenting, poor education and the nanny state, that is the root of so many of Britain's social and cultural problems. It remains to be seen whether the Conservatives, when in power, will make the difficult decisions they accuse the current government of ignoring.
W.F. Deedes, at 94 a national icon who still pens a column for the London Daily Telegraph, has participated in public life for over 70 years. Said to be the inspiration behind the fictional and hapless Boot in Evelyn Waugh's Scoop, Lord Deedes has been an MP, a minister, a newspaper editor, a soldier and privy counsellor to the Queen.
"I have never known a time when government exercised more control over every aspect of our lives," he says, pointing to the sheer size of the state and the inroads it has made into "personal liberty, fiscal responsibility and personal responsibility."
"We are, dear boy, on the verge of a permanent change in the national character. It is very sad."
why are we all doing nothing to stop this?
soon i can see welfare collapsing and the country already on it's knees financially and morally being destroyed completely.
The tories bleating what they think causes the decline makes me ask what the hell has even one of them done to stop any of it?
Snouts in the trough while the rest of us keep filling it up.
Can't you smell their fear this week?
Hence they now want to spend only £50 a week without accounting for why instead of the £250 they spend now a week. anyone earns £1000 a month is made to pay taxes yet this scum just pocket this amount for nothing at all tax free.
They have every reason to feel fear they know we are full of rage!
tory. labour. tory. labour.

Anonymous said...

I too left a comment some two hours or so ago. My main point was to challenge the assertion of the author (regarding the BNP) quote ....indeed the country at large regard as, at best, racist and unsavoury and, at worst, downright dangerous unquote. I questioned what research tool had been used to reach this spurious conclusion. My comment closed with a commendation for Donna, as a lady who makes her own judgements and would be an asset to any community.
Needless to say, surprise surprise, it hasn't been published!