Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Marlborough, Harrow by-election 13th March

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There is a by-election coming up for the Marlborough Ward of Conservative controlled, Harrow Council and I am very pleased to hear that there will be a British National Party candidate standing.

The election was caused by the death of Councillor Dhirajlal Lavingia of the Labour Party. The Conservative candidate for the election is Kam Chana, who has already caused outrage among sports users who are unhappy with his support for the reduction of facilities at their leisure centre.

Let us hope that the good people of Marlborough have the sense to vote for Howard Studley, the British National Party candidate. The BNP have never been deaf to the wishes of the people they seek to represent.

The full list of candidates is as follows:-

  • Peter David Budden - Liberal Democrats
  • Kam Chana - Conservatives
  • Herbert Winford Crossman - Independent
  • James Krishna - Labour Party
  • Tony Rablen - Green Party
  • Howard James Studley - British National Party
We wish Howard and his campaign all the best. If you would like to help bring about a BNP victory in this area then please contact your local BNP Organiser.

This blog will be reporting on this by-election during the run up.


Anonymous said...

He almost sounds like the only Brit amongst them, is this representative of the constituents of the ward?

Anonymous said...

It will be a tough Ward; however I believe we should contest every Election possible.