Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Introducing the North Devon Patriot

Our Country. Don't let them steal it.

Having spend a major part of my life travelling the world and Our Country, it was nice to find, at least (to me), a new British National Party support site based in North Devon.

I spent a year or more working in Bideford and lived in Appledore. Great place, great people and great times. Though I doubt I could walk up the street in Clovelly now. Get the donkey out.

But I digress. Check out the North Devon Patriot and add them to your bookmarks. Fellow bloggers please link the site.

Today there is a very good report on the weekend efforts by BNP activists from all over the Country delivering leaflets at the "Weekend of Action".

"And gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here".

After a moment of guilt I checked out this bit:

patriot noun [C]a person who loves their country and, if necessary, will fight for it:
patriotic adj., showing love for your country and pride in it

I liked that. I also like their recruitment statement but I will let you read that yourselves.

Good Luck North Devon.


british pride said...

On another matter - a VERY interesting post on Lee Barnes' Blog:

"I have been sent an interesting e mail that reveals the RMT union, led by the retarded Marxist thug Bob Crow, a man who is nothing more than Special Brew Bolshevik and trade union left wing gangster with a gold union credit card, is planning to transform the RMT from a trade union to an illegal para-military organisation dedicated to using violence to 'physically' confront the BNP.

One would have thought the members of the RMT would prefer their leaders to spend more time representing their interests than the interests of the last relics of international socialism.

The RMT is run by a clique of political dinosaurs around their own little tin pot Stalin, Comrade Bob. It is in many ways the last dustbin of British Communism, the recycling bin for all those Trotsykites, old Communists and students that have survived the fall of the Berlin Wall. The RMT and GLA should be declared as living monuments, the final bastions of Communism set amidst the capitalist triumph.

If this resolution is passed then the RMT are about to self designate themselves as a terrorist group.

Does this mean the RMT will adopt the tactics of the IRA and use terror on British streets to support their political ends.


Draft motions to RMT AGM 2008
> Submitted on 17 February, 2008 - 21:17 Rail unions

We therefore believe that to effectively oppose the
> BNP, trade unionists need to:
> 1. Organise against the fascists, politically,
> ideologically, and - where necessary - physically.
> 2. Support self-defence by those communities targeted
> by the fascists.
> Now what does the word PHYSICALLY means?

> It seems to me it's an invitation to assault BNP
> activists and so there is a case to complain to the
> Police.

> Also the world SELF DEFENCE is ambiguous."

Anonymous said...

How many leaflets went out on the latest BNP "weekend of action" in London?

Anonymous said...


A BRILLIANT ARTICLE on our spiritual malaise and why we must move from cultural defence to cultural attack. And why we must educate our children and re-educate ourselves in our national spiritual heritage, including our dreams and mythology - The Vision of Albion, not the prospect of Britainistan.

"Reclaiming a Civilization's Dreams to Save its Soul

The surest way to destroy a people is to kill their dreams because when you destroy a people's dreams, you also destroy their sense of self-worth, their ambitions, their principles and their goals. Men and women are not animals that need nothing but survival and creature comforts, yet the surest way to destroy a people's soul is to reduce them to just that, to gluttons chasing after creature comforts and finally rats living in the walls of their own society struggling to stay quiet and survive. [COMMENT this sums up Gordon Brown's vision of Britainistan]

If you think this imagery is farfetched, consider that it is already a reality. Where nations like America, Europe and Israel once lived by dreams of the greatness they could achieve and went out and achieved it, today they walk the edges of their own shrinking frontiers trying to understand how to justify their existence to their own people.

....The Archbishop of Canterbury accepts the inevitability of Islamic law in Britain. American pundits wonder whether America has a right to exist and puts forward three candidates who think it does not even have a right to control its own borders. Canada persecutes critics of Islam while protecting Islamic terrorists and Israel dithers in the face of Islamic terrorism from Gaza, the very territory it forcibly ethnically cleansed Jews from in order to make room for the terrorists. All across the oceans and the seas, the oasis' of civilization are faltering as their peoples bow their heads in apathy and confusion to the knife.

How did it get this way? Part of the answer is that when their dreams died, these nations dried up and became husks without the lifegiving virtue of faith in their own destinies......

The human spirit by its very nature must expand or contract, seek out new horizons and broader destinies or wither and shrivel up. But there are no frontiers left and on all sides the frontiers of civilization shrink in the face of a great southern tide of immigration. The rear guard action being fought by anti-immigration and anti-Jihad activists are not nearly enough because they can never hope to rouse these nations without reviving their spirits without restoring their dreams.

How do you restore a nation's dreams? It isn't enough to shout about perils and warn about invasions, such things do not move a people that has learned to be apathetic, to grasp after a handful of material comforts and hold its place in the great bureaucratic queue that is the new placeholder of civilized societies, that great endless line at which paltry social benefits are distributed and taxes are collected. And this is why conservatives who fail to articulate a national vision all too often flail about when trying to connect with voters.

To revive a nation you must give it something to believe in, something to strive for and something to truly fight for beyond survival. If you can rally a people to believe in itself again then the threat of rogue barbarians quickly becomes something petty and paltry to be brushed off. If you do not, then building tall walls and isolating yourself only walls in the rot and the declining birth rates and culture will take care of the rest, as Japan is amply demonstrating for us.

What then are these dreams that a nation must dream to truly live? There will be different opinions on this matter, but they are in the doing of great deeds, in the bending of frontiers and the transcendence of merely human limitations. Only in the shadow of heroes and great men can a civilization flourish and only a people that truly believes in its own greatness can be happy and free....

Tens of millions of young people across the world hunger for a dream and instead find only apathy and cynicism. They reach for fraudulent mockups of the real thing, for politicians who offer hopeful rhetoric and the set dressings of optimism and destiny but no true vision. When those shams stand revealed and all their allure is stripped away by betrayal and disappointment, apathy and cynicism rule in the ruined houses of their minds and spirits. They learn to distrust everything, to display contempt for their country, to believe any snide remark about their own civilization and beliefs and embrace it, thereby triumphing over the pain of their betrayal. Yet within them they still carry the flickering embers of a betrayed faith, one that now becomes displaced onto terrorists and killers.

Saving our civilizations will take more than winning an argument or ringing the warning bell, it will mean restoring a dream and raising it high so that there stands a clear choice between the appeasers and the defeatists of the status quo and those who strive to see the nation rebuilt in all its glory. Let the dream fly on the wind."

Read the full article at http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2008/02/reclaiming-civilizations-dreams-to-save.html