Friday, 29 February 2008

Lib Dem, Labour, Conservative Councillors - all rotten.

Been really busy today, working on an idea for the new forum and hope to have a post of interest to all Nationalist Bloggers that support or broadly support the British National Party and its leader Nick Griffin in the near future.

Now although, there are many more important things to write about, I have decided to link to another site so those of you not familiar with it may learn of its purpose.

You will read in the state controlled press and on the state funded anti-BNP sites such as the Stalinist UAF and the Marxist Searchlight that the BNP councillors are a bunch of no good, knuckle dragging scum. They just state this information as if it is proven fact despite no evidence to support their wild claims. Buy hey. Since when have the communists ever cared about the truth. Or anything except power if it comes to that.

You will notice that they never attack councillors from the Lib/Lab/con pact. Is that because those people do no wrong or is it because they are in their pay?

Well check out these posts I have made recently to the Liars,Buggers and Thieves site, that attempts to record all crimes committed by their perfect councillors. The sooner the British National Party sweeps rubbish, like those named below the better.

I could have posted more but I think you get the idea.

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