Friday, 15 February 2008

Bridgend Police come out of the closet

Bridgend Police Station flying their flag with pride

A member of the British National Party sent me a copy of the above image that was taken yesterday in Bridgend, South Wales as he took the Mrs to do their weekly shop.

For those who do not recognise the flags, the one on top is the South Wales Constabulary flag and the one underneath is the Gay Pride Rainbow flag. There's a joke there somewhere but I will pass on it before i pass out at the thought.

The sender was curious as to the reason why it was flying but sadly had to rush to Tesco's before they fixed their prices again. So we must wonder why the flag was there.

When can we expect to see a flag representing Heterosexual Pride be flown?

Well we know we will not see that. Heterosexuals do not need to flaunt their sexuality. They tend just to get married, have children and ensure the continuation of their species.

But if they had a flag, then that would be the one I would prefer to see flying over a police station.

Roll on elected Chief Constables. Then let us see them fly the Union Flag or look for another job. Toilet cleaning sounds good. They will have the chance to meet lots of people and make new friends.

The polices job, although most seem to have forgotten that it is a job, is to catch criminals and not advertise the sexuality of those within what used to be a fine Police Force.

I will be writing more about the activities of the Bridgend BNP in the coming weeks but time is tight and I have to be somewhere else at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

You couldnt make it up folks, but guess what? you better beleive it because its all waiting for you too!