Friday, 8 February 2008

Let's get things in perspective

Let's get things in perspective. Does Posh Spice have knobbly knees?

Forget all this nonsense about Sharia Law. Why are people acting so surprised? it is not new news. The British National Party have been banging on about this for a decade.

The BNP told you the path that Islam would take in this country. They said, that first the colonisers would come, secure their landing grounds by turning them into no go areas and then expand ever outwards. Like dandelions spreading their seeds over a field.

The BNP said that once these areas were secured. The symbols of their control would become more obvious. The Mosques would be built and their minarets dominate the sky line. Soon from these minarets will come the sounds of their success as they call the slaves of the Dead Paedophile to worship a steaming pile of crap. This is not new news.

And the BNP told you what happens next. Within the host country that they feed off, they then setup their own internal government infrastructure. They setup their own Parliament, their own councils, their own medical associations, their own law courts, their own militant youth movements. All running side by side with those of the dying country that they are helping to kill. Ready to take over once they have control.

And the end? Eventually, with the help of Dhimmi politicians who have sold themselves and their country for silver, their numbers will be such that they rule. One man, one vote. Once.

Look no further than Kossovo to see the end game. Civil war and the extermination of the true owners of the land. This is not new news. This is old news and history. Look to North Africa and the middle east and see how the dandelions have spread.

Stop reading the local and UK news. Set your search engines to follow the events in Pakistan, Malaysia and Eastern Europe if you really want the news. The nightmare news. The truth about Islam.

So lets get things into perspective for the sheep people of what was once Our Country, who continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con pact. Look at the image above. Does Posh Spice have knobbly knees or what?


Anonymous said...

Great post,why not moderate it slightly (piles of crap)and post it on
Its hotting up over there
keep up the good work,

The Green Arrow said...


A good idea. Sadly I am just about to go to a birthday drink. It is an 18th and so the BNP have a new voter and hopefully a new activist.

Anyone is free to cut n past (and edit) posts and use in our cause if they would like to do so providing it does not change the message.

Good Luck

najistani said...

The Arch Druid wants to make human sacrifices of the bloggers on the altar of Political Correctness:


January 29, 2008

"Archbishop of Canterbury calls for new law to punish 'thoughtless or cruel' words

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has called for new laws to protect religious sensibilities that would punish “thoughtless and cruel” styles of speaking...

The Archbishop, delivering the James Callaghan Memorial Lecture in London this afternoon, said it should not just be a few forms of extreme behaviour that were deemed unacceptable, leaving everything else as fair game.

“The legal provision should keep before our eyes the general risks of debasing public controversy by thoughtless and, even if unintentionally, cruel styles of speaking and acting,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Arch Druid?

More like a Commissar in a frock.

With his every uttering he demonstrates clesrly that he is another marxist working to destroy British society.

Every Anglican should demand the removalof this man from the church.

But I'm afraid the Holy Tovarich has far too many red allies for that to happen.

When when when will the British people wake up?


Full English said...

I reckon she's probably knobbly all over. What she needs is a proper breakfast every morning; sausage, crispy bacon, two fried eggs, baked beans, fried bread, black pudding, toast and butter. Her knees would be un-knobbled in no time.

ivan said...

the first spell has been cast.the rest of the left wing rebels will soon follow.the one i am waiting for is the execution of all pigs because they offend muslims.i live close to a pig farm in staffordshire and the smell is awesome in the summer(it keeps the muslims away)maybe there is a simple answer here to rid us of our problem.lets all breed pigs.they are great creatures and look great at the breakfast table on a sunday morning ! sod this iv'e made myself hungry im off to do a bacon sarni mmmmmm