Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Battle for Denmark Continues in silence

COPENHAGEN, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Bands of youths set fire to cars, buses and schools in Denmark on Saturday, the seventh night of rioting and vandalism in the capital Copenhagen and other Danish cities, police said on Sunday.

Four youths were arrested in the capital for suspected arson and at least 24 fires were reported across the country. Several youths were detained in Denmark's second city Aarhus in Jutland, and in Odense on Funen island."It is some of the same groups that have roamed the city for the last couple of nights," police operations leader Preben Jorgensen told Reuters while inspecting fire damage at Tingbjerg School in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Hundreds of cars and a number of schools have been vandalised or burned in the past week. Police could give no reason, but said unusually mild weather and the closure of schools for a winter break might have contributed.

Authorities have arrested dozens of youths, predominantly with immigrant backgrounds.Police said that Saturday night was calmer than earlier in the week.Social workers said an alleged plot to kill a Danish cartoonist for his drawing two years ago of the Prophet Mohammad might have fuelled the riots.

Danish newspapers reprinted the cartoon on Wednesday in protest against the plot.Ten Danish lawmakers cancelled a four-day trip to Iran on Saturday, two days before their departure, after Iranian protests about the republication of the cartoon.

The Danish Foreign Ministry said parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee dropped the trip after the Iranian parliament demanded an apology because Danish newspapers had reprinted the cartoon, one of several whose publication two years ago caused outrage in Islamic countries.

Most Muslims consider depictions of the Prophet Mohammad offensive.Authorities arrested two Tunisians and a Dane of Moroccan descent on Tuesday for planning to kill the cartoonist, and 15 Danish newspapers reprinted his drawing on Wednesday in protest against the alleged murder plot.

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Anonymous said...

I find depictions of the prophet Mo offensive too (lol), but I dont go about setting fires to schools and other peoples property.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Iranian-Born Activist Wants West to Ban Sharia Courts
From the desk of The Brussels Journal on Sat, 2008-02-16 14:22
A quote from the Italian press agency AKI, 15 February 2008

Islamic courts must be ruled out in Britain and other Western countries if the democratic rights of all their citizens are to be safeguarded, Iranian born activist Homa Arjomand, told Adnkronos International (AKI). […] She strongly disagreed with remarks made earlier in February by the head of the Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who claimed that Islamic (Sharia) courts in Britain seemed "inevitable" and could aid "social cohesion".

Arjomand told AKI that adopting Sharia courts, promoting Islamic schools and Islamic centres would be giving in to political Islam. She said such courts would deny immigrant women equality with men and increase discrimination towards them, as well as the religious and racial segregation of minorities. […] "No rights should be taken away due to cultural sensitivity - we need to draw a line and say so when religious law compromises women's rights," said Arjomand.

She is against multiculturalism and cultural relativity, which further divides society into cultural and religious groups, and "leaves people at the mercy of their own culture." There is a political agenda behind Williams' remarks," Arjomand argued. "It is this: allow the Islamists some freedom and segregate them from us

evil islam was never welcomed in iran
copeland BNP

Anonymous said...

Brave Denmark is teaching much larger countries all about bravery.
posters of mohammed are to go up on every street with the message you don't like it. then leave.
Just visited SIAD site the Danish Version of the uk's SIOE.
looks like the Danes are getting it rough by refusing to act like dogs and be brought to heel.


For a long time it has been said in islamic circles that the danes now have to learn to show muslims respect. That this mantra starts to spread is obvious when one looks at crime statistics where we see an increase in stabbing attacks on inoffensive danes and brutal knock-downs of people coincidentally walking by.

These attacks are often seen on a daily basis in Israel, commited by palestinians, but in Israel they call it by it’s real name: Terror stabbing. It has been revealed during interrogations that these violent attackers have a certain stratey by stabbing ordinary jews.
The danish understanding of the word “respect” is not the same as in arabic. Respect for a person in arabic terms is to fear him.
It is also not a coincidence that there is a campagn running on the busses right now which tries to convince scared people that it is safe to go out at night and that people carrying a knife is more seldom than one should believe.

But try to tell that to the busdriver who last week was brutally attacked and nearly killed. (A short summary: A busdriver was attacked last week by 4 people of middle eastern appearance who attempted to kill him at the last station on his route. Luckily he carried his wallet in the breast pocket which saved his life. The reason: Because he had asked a disturbing and rude passenger to leave the bus. The passenger refused and started acting violently before he eventually left the bus after his own choice.)
Again it appears that one has to show a certain religion “respect”.

This incident is almost the same as last sunday where a ticket checker also failed to show the respect demanded. Apparently he was not allowed to give fines to foreigners, therefore he was knocked down infront of his own home, so he could learn “respect”. “We are customers of the bus and you must not give fines to foreigners” they said before they kicked him and started hitting him with a hard weapon to the head. Afterwards he had to go to hospital and is now off sick. The attackers were desribed as turkish-arabic origin.
It is no longer possible to work as busdriver without risk, as is the case with ticket checkes and other professions like the police, nurses, doctors, firemen etc that are in direct contact with the islamists.

How much longer will it take before it is violent and threatening behaviour that rules, because the authorities no longer dare to react?

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God-Bless Denmark and the Danish people they need our support!


Anonymous said...


Monday, February 18, 2008

After reaching a level of between 150 and 200 arson fires per night, the media in Denmark now reports, with a sense of relief, that there were "only" 88 fires last night. The Copenhagen intifada has garnered some attention in the International Media...and Prime Minister Rasmussen appeared on DR TV news to condemn the action of the "troublemakers"- though without offering any kind of plan to end the vandalism. I think the government is waiting for the danish weather - cold rain - to end the disturbances...