Sunday, 24 February 2008

War on the streets

When the One Worlders planned the destruction of the United Kingdom all those decades ago, I wonder if they really thought it through.

They knew of course what the dumbing down of the population would do. They knew what the exporting of jobs would do. They knew what the destruction of family values would do.

But when they planned for the flood of immigrants did they really think that through to the end?

I am sure they expected an increase in the spread of diseases such as TB and Aids, a small price to pay to destroy a proud nation. But did they think what would happen when you try to mix different cultures? Probably not. Mixing cultures is like trying to mix oil and water. It just cannot be done.

Check out this article from The Press about a pitched battle in Ravensthorpe, between a mob of Hungarian and Pakistani rioters brandishing machetes and knives.

The Police, burying their heads in the sand as usual, reported it as "an isolated incident". But that is a lie. Because last year there were similar battles but then they were between the Pakistanis and Iraqis and as an idea of who else is new in town, we have:-

"A lot of residents were scared but we have had this before involving Iraqis and Kurds. It goes on all the time."
It goes on all the time? Think about that, all you readers who continue to bury your heads in the sand like the Ravensthorpe Police and continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con pact that is killing Our Country and your Childrens future. It goes on all the time. Bet the One Worlders never thought about that. Or did they?


Anonymous said...

Pakistan bans youtube!

bill.p said...

good reportG.A, i didn"t know about it. This is the wake up call of what the future holds up and down the country in a few years.

The truth cuts them to the bone, yet they still put their heads into the into the political sand pit of fairy tales.


Anonymous said...

To understand our politicians and indeed our political ife in this country we have to accept first and foremost that our politicians are a bunch of nodding dogs with their heads turned not towards you but towards the EU.
The whole EU page is fat too long to place here but it covers everything who can say what and when.
Thank God we have the BNP site and our own political party otherwise we may as well lay down and die.
Westminster is just a puppet store where they sit and wait for their EU MASTERS ORDERS.

Role of politicians and political parties

22. The European Conference underlines the key role that politicians and political parties can play in combating racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and related intolerance, by shaping and leading public opinion. In this respect, it calls upon politicians to provide a clear political message welcoming diversity in European societies and condemning political discourse which incites or attempts to incite racial and ethnic hatred or prejudice. It encourages political parties in Europe to take concrete steps to promote solidarity, tolerance and respect and to explain issues to the general public in such a way as to increase understanding and acceptance of difference. Such steps may include:

· to sign the Charter of European political parties for a non-racist society and follow its principles concerning responsible behaviour on issues of racism, both with regard to the parties’ own organisation and to their activities in the political field (see Appendix III);

· to include anti-racist policies in election programmes and to condemn racist exploitation of issues such as immigration and asylum for electoral purposes, ensuring that any candidate for elected office is committed to anti-racist policies;

· to refuse any support, explicit or implicit, to parties that advocate racist and xenophobic positions.

Criminal justice system

23. The European Conference calls upon participating States to take practical measures to make law enforcement officials more sensitive to the situation of targeted groups in order to counter any perceived unfairness in the application of the law and discrimination in the treatment of persons belonging to such groups in the criminal justice system. Such measures may include:

· training courses to promote cultural sensitivity and awareness of prejudice, as well as knowledge of legal aspects of discrimination;

· formal and informal dialogue between the police and targeted groups, for example through confidence-building measures, thereby promoting openness, accountability and mutual trust;

· facilitating access on an equal footing of persons belonging to targeted groups to the police and their auxiliary staff, as well as other professions involved in the criminal justice system, subject to regular review so as to evaluate the levels of recruitment, promotion and retention of staff belonging to targeted groups;

· anti-discriminatory codes of conduct among police forces and other professional groups involved in the administration of justice.

Institutions in the field of employment and social affairs

24. The European Conference notes that good community relations are generally enhanced by social development and the full realisation of economic, social and cultural rights on the basis of non-discrimination. It calls upon participating States to promote policies in employment and the social sphere which seek to improve the prospects of targeted groups facing, for example, the greatest obstacles in finding, keeping or regaining work, including skilled employment. Particular attention should be paid to persons subject to multiple discrimination. The European Conference draws to the attention of participating States the following considerations:

· policies should be presented so as to enable employers and employees to recognise the benefits of equal opportunity and of diversity;

· the importance of involving the social partners and other non-governmental actors in the design and implementation of training and development programmes;

· public authorities should set an example by making sure they actively seek to recruit and retain persons belonging to targeted groups, which may require reviewing nationality requirements in some instances;

· public officials and all those involved in promoting access to employment should be trained, including by raising their awareness of the barriers to equal opportunity and intercultural sensitivity;

· persons belonging to targeted groups should have access to training, including vocational training, which improves their employability;

· governments can stimulate the development of mission statements, codes of conduct and policies on equal treatment at the workplace aimed at anti-discriminatory practices among employers, service providers and others;

· special attention should be given to protecting foreign domestic workers from discrimination and violence, as well as combating prejudice against them;

· in the field of housing, public and private authorities should promote the successful cohabitation of different social groups at the planning stage of urban development schemes as well as renovate neglected areas of public housing so as to counter social exclusion;

· public authorities should guarantee equal access to health and counselling services without discrimination.


Anonymous said...


You've just got to see this on the Religion of Peace site:

First pic on the page. Reuters are having a laugh! Aren't they?


Sir Henry Morgan said...

" an isolated incident"
"it happens all the time"

The 'authorities' and the media are disappearing up their own backsides.

Do they think we're so thick that they can put both those quotes in the same article and we wont notice? Or (more likely when you look at our politicians etc) are they the ones that are thick?

What a stupid question Morgan.