Monday, 4 February 2008

Enough is Enough. We want to know the truth

Just what is going on in the dwindling band of malcontent's and dupes led by former BNP member Sadie Graham?

Sadie, you remember recently called a meeting of fellow travellers in Brinsley in order to plan how to further derail the steam roller express called the British National Party.

Portraying herself and her shrinking group as "modernisers" she calls for the replacement of Nick Griffin the party's chairman and the expulsion of one of the parties workers for indiscretions in his youth.

But Sadie is no youth. She is a mature woman and supposedly intelligent. So what are we to make of the fact that Barry Taylor, a man expelled from the BNP quite some time ago and reported in the press for his associations with extreme right wing groups was doing at this meeting?

Sadie can hardly deny that she knows Barry, he is too big to miss. Besides she was personally responsible for giving him his marching orders from the BNP.

Did the other people present at the meeting know of Barry's past and present support for these extreme groups that some refer to as Neo-Nazis? I know there are photos of Barry at BPP and NF meetings. I have seen them.

And is Sadie aware that despite her recommendations that BNP members remain within the party, Barry is busy phoning around the Home Counties attempting to persuade the contacts he made and knew previously, to walk away from the BNP and rebels and into the arms of the extremists? So what is Barry's game?

I think those members who were duped by others with a different agenda should think again. We all make mistakes in life and some deserve a second chance to put things right.


Barry Taylor said...

After being expelled from the BNP - Without a tribunal, which I would otherwise have contested!(lapsed membership) - I am still a nationalist. The BNP is not the only show in town.
I find it amusing that - In the general population, the media call the BNP "extreme" - as it suits their agenda.
Inside the BNP we call other groups "extreme"- as it suits Nick's agenda.
Expelled from the party I loved, I was still a nationalist! - So I visited other groups and learned about them and their leaders.
These are decent patriotic people.

Anonymous said...

Is this all being done so that Nationalists and other interested parties like myself say sod it, we are going to go elsewhere/start our own party/forget it?. Its all just too convenient that this is happenning at a time when there has never before been such disdain for the three allowed parties, a time when many intelligent people are starting to see the lies spewed out by the now very apparent(and unpopular)left, a time when change is in the air. Shame on anyone who tries to split the party in its time of ascendancy, these issues could have been dealt with in private and at a time when there wasnt so much to lose. You are nothing but pawns of the state, it makes me wonder if you havent taken backhanders from the MCB like everyone else does to sell off their country these days. I am DISGUSTED WITH YOU ALL, and if it wasnt for the fact that the BNP are the only hope left for this county, and that despite the deadheads that we have somehow managed to accumilate, the number of decent honourable people who would put their country first before personal gain still outweigh the Quislings by far.


Zog is trying to sow seeds of discontent,ignore them and do not spread thier bile.incidentally the NF are not extremists,we all want the same thing.

BritNat said...

Why are you giving publicity to this bunch of losers?

Jonathan said...

It is a long time since the BNP has such an opportunity to make an impact. What has been happening over the last few years is starting to reach critical mass, and more and more people are starting to notice what is becoming of Britain.

Therefore, this is the very worst time for this sort of distraction. The last thing the BNP needs is division and infighting.

One has to wonder why this is happening now when you need unity and discipline. Is this a deliberate attempt to hold back the BNP?

nothing to see! said...

forget the insignificant losers, why bother posting on them?

the BNP is doing great without them.

time to move on, whoever is left in any split group ain`t worth knowing.

i really have no interest in them, and i dont believe anyone else does either.

true loyal supporter said...

believe me there is nothing to worry or shout about.when i first heard of this situation i was simply concerned someone internally is trying to break up the party.a goverment agent on the inside that has had instructions to disband it because of its growth ?? i actually went to brinsley as somewhat of an insider and basically there was nothing to report back.these are mostly people that have got bored or lost their way in the party.we have all met people in life that get bored or scared when something big is about to happen,there may have been a few trying to stir up trouble there,one may even have been a red.but this e.i.e. thing will phase out and burn very quickly.

Truthfinder said...

Personally I call "extreme" anyone who owns a website that links to a political party that has a photo of Adolf Hitler on its main page superimposed over SS men accompanied by an audio recording of the Horst Wessel song.

Who owns the domain name Barry? 88 stands for HH doesn't it? Heil Hitler perhaps?