Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Price of Political Vanity

Being one of five brothers who have all served in various branches of our armed forces, I know what it is like to worry when someone you love is in a war zone. Thankfully we all came home.

You never worry for yourself when it is your turn to shake the dice but you know also that those who care about you are having sleepless nights worrying about you.

Please take the time to watch the following video and then just think about the price we are paying because of one mans vanity.

Successive cuts in defence spending have left Britain’s armed forces perilously weak. We will boost Britain’s armed forces to ensure that they are able to deal with any emergency, and defend our homeland and our independence. We will bring our troops back from Germany and withdraw from NATO, since recent political developments make both commitments obsolete. We will close all foreign military bases on British soil, and refuse to risk British lives in meddling ‘peace-keeping’ missions in parts of the world where no British interests are at stake - a position of armed neutrality. We will also restore national service for our young with the option of civil or military service.
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To our gallant army,whilst you are away in afghanistan fighting ,attempting to do something that the British army found impossible for the previous two hundred years,do you realise that the enemy is in your rear?certainly you must do with the abysmal treatment that you recieve when you return on leave from certain sections of our uninvited "guests",I would like to ask my fellow countrymen in the army,when we eventually have to fight the muslim in our own country,is the army willing to arm the people in order for them to defend themselves?

Bert Rustle said...

The Green Arrow wrote ... We will close all foreign military bases on British soil ... How will Polaris be maintained if we send the Americans home? Does the UK have the facilities to detect incoming attacks without any American cooperation?

Joe Public said...

Why do we need to copy the German model of national service?
I missed doing N/S by one or two years, never did me any harm! Never made me a criminal type. We get enough people who want to be in the services without making it compulsory! There would be no need if we just reversed what the Govenments have done since about 1970!
All that's wrong with this country is, we have three main parties that are not fit for purpose & that are working for their own ends, not that of the country!