Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Three Magic Letters throws Hitwise into denial

The revelation that the British National Party is the UK's most visited political website is no surprise to any of its regular readers. But not to Robin Goad, of Hitwise, the online monitoring service which has provided the figures.

He is in denial. Denial of the truth. The fact that, once people discover the British National Party, they also discover the truth. And when they read it they want more.

Robert Colvile, who wrote the study, Politics, Policy and the Internet,
says mainstream parties' websites suffer from a "failure of
Well we beg to differ, they do not suffer from a "failure of imagination", they suffer from delusions of grandeur that they think puts them above the people. Well let them cower in their Ivory Towers because the BNP is going to tear those towers down and use them as the foundation stones for a new, free, Great Britain. A Britain where the politicians fear the people and not the people fearing the politicians.

Help rip down the Towers of the Tri-Axis pact of the Lib/Lab/con parties that have betrayed us by fighting back and joining the British National Party. The only National Party in Our Country.



Mr Cognisant said...

Gosh, here I was ambling over here to provide the link, and you already have it posted. I see I have you linked however, its not reciprocated.

Anonymous said...

Well said GA, absolutely bang on the money.

Hey you marxist-lefty bastards - the clock is ticking, the Brits are waking up to your sly, destructive, hate-filled ways and your corrupt, hippocritical so-called politicians.

We're on to you, you know it, and you'd better run - fast and far because if we catch you we'll do you for your crimes.

Tick fucking tock you red scum.


The Green Arrow said...

Mr Cognisant, I am sorry but I did not know you had linked me.

Is this a request for a link:) ?

Anonymous said...

Sent a comment to Mr Littlejohns newspaper (you know the one that continually dallies with telling people the truth, but then pulls out from doing so at the last minute), but I doubt it will get printed, unless I was criticising the BNP that is!

Mr Cognisant said...

"The Green Arrow said...

Mr Cognisant, I am sorry but I did not know you had linked me.

Is this a request for a link:) ?

No its perfectly okay sir, not unless you want to of course.

Bert Rustle said...

The actual report can be downloaded here

From the Summary :

... British political parties have failed to embrace this new opportunity. The British National Party website has the same market share as all of the other major political parties combined. The parties could reverse this by altering their mindset from “send” to “receive” ... The internet will bring a far greater openness to politics. The power of search will enforce consistency and depth in both policy and communication of policy. And the tone of debate will, at least in many cases, remain lively, anti-establishment and original. ...

So a market share reversal such that the BNP will have less than any of the other major political parties will be achieved by a “receive” mindset. I presume “receive” excludes BNP policies, so what new policies and viewpoints will be “received” other than those currently expounded by the Establishment Party and the BNP?

... For the activist and the citizen, the internet will increasingly be used to hold politicians to account ...

As in the Establishment Party Manifesto commitment to a referendum on the European Constitution/Treaty?

... For policy development, the internet will bring greater scrutiny; and greater access to official government data could revolutionise the way policy-making works. ...

So when government obfuscation of data on the major costs to the indigenous population of post-war mass immigration is stopped, what new policies and viewpoints will be “received” other than those currently expounded by the Establishment Party and the BNP?

... Should the vision of leading thinkers on both the Labour and Conservative sides be translated into reality, then the internet should become the key forum for proposing and organising support for new policies. ...

What new policies and viewpoints will be “received” other than those currently expounded by the Establishment Party and the BNP?

... [the] most powerful, change, will be to the public’s mindset ... will no longer tolerate delay and obfuscation in getting similar information from government. The individual, and not the state, will be the master in the digital age. ...

What new policies and viewpoints will be “received” other than those currently expounded by the Establishment Party and the BNP?

So by interacting with the Electorate in a lively, anti-establishment
and original way the Establishment party can reverse the Internet success of the BNP by receiving from the Electorate new policies other than those currently expounded by the Establishment Party or the BNP.

My summary is that the author believes that a well informed Electorate would favour Establishment Party policies over existing or future BNP policies if the EP “spins” the process correctly. As fine an example of Reality Denial as I have seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Appears from the SIAD Denmark site alot more is going on there than we realise.
Add to this. The first article never came to light here at all regarding the BBC pin up boy and muslim brotherhood Tariq Ramadan's gang meet in Vienna.
Note. this was prior to the arch anti christ Williams pronouncement on sharia law here.

Last year a conference was held in Vienna about the so called Euro-Islam
Posted by siad on January 29, 2008

A translated feature from the danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad of the 11th January, 2008

It is surprising that the conference about Euro-Islam in Vienna last year has not attracted more attention than it did, as the conference was in fact a Moslem declaration of war on the original European population.
LAST YEAR a conference was held in Vienna about the so called Euro-Islam. Here the prominent Moslem delegates formulated a common future vision about Europe under the power of Islam. On that occasion, Mustafa Ceric, the Bosnian grand mufti, described “a future Islamic epoch which, with Moorish Spain and Osmanli South Europe as models, should replace Christianity”.

Among the participants was also the omnipresent professor Tariq Ramadan. He pronounced that the plans about the islamization of Europe ought to be kept a secret to the public.

They also agreed that the first step to be taken was to ensure the rights of Sharia in Europe thus stating “that at least as a start Sharia should be introduced as a parallel legal order into the European countries”. As to the details of Sharia they should be kept away from public discussions as much as possible.

It is surprising that these declarations made at the conference have not called forth much attention with the public. Either such future goals about Islam seem too imaginative to be taken seriously. Or the reality fit so badly with the picture of Islam that prevails in the “superior knowing” European cultural elite in particular, that they choose to repress what is in fact being said.

That goes for the problematic professor Tariq Ramadan, too, whose declarations were the most troublesome. He declared that his real intentions about Euro-Islam must be kept a secret to the public. What a strange hard-boiled declaration at a meeting which he must know will be reported by the press. Does he just calculate quite cynically on the general repression mechanism of the “unbelievers”?

Read the rest of this entry »

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Double morality or diffused responsibility
Posted by siad on January 16, 2008

We shall start in Denmark. During the latest two months violence and terror have exploded in Denmark. In Aarhus it appears that bus controllers and bus drivers have problems when being on duty due to harassment by muslim Gellerup-inhabitants. Greenlanders have been stoned out from the area.

On Sealand things are much worse. There are shootings every week, not only with pistols but also with heavier guns. Shooting with submachine guns against blocks of flats, rapes, robbery in the streets ending with murder, and the only thing we hear from our politicians is about increased supervision.

Of course, supervision has some preventive effect, but this effect is only limited to criminality of a more contemplated kind. It will not stop the elements in our society who are completely indifferent to the Danish society. Besides they could not care less about going to prison because they have friends who will see to their obligations while they are in, and receive them as heroes when they come out. For these people a sentence is rather a trophy and a medal than a deterioration of their possibilities of getting into the labour market.

Add to this, that an increased control of the Danish population can be misused. That means that supervision of the population will only be a mere trifle and create a false feeling of security.

What is needed is to stop the forces which are slowly but with certainty about to destroy our society. The bill proposed by SIAD demands that we get to the roots of evil and have the courage to give that evil a name, namely immigrant gangs. If we fail to act right now the metaphor (danish) ”to sit like a duck in the water” will soon become a reality.

Be aware that it is not only all the other people who will become victims, and if we do not stop this insanity now it will escalate. So it must be stopped. However, the politicians and the media walk round the problem like the cat walks round the hot porridge while they try to make us believe that the criminals are mostly the Danes themselves.
They keep silent about the ethnicity of the assaulters and their background which is usually Moslem.

The politicians and the media are afraid to blow up the xenophobia and to tell the Danes the truth. The truth is, however, that these foreign gangs are now part of our community with our morality and values and our support to our exceptional welfare society. The background of these foreign people is Islam which summons to indifference to the “kuffars” (unbelievers) and to seizure the power of their society forcing them to
surrender to Islam. Only one thing has effect against this mentality, namely consistency and power which can be seen again and again during world history.

Therefore, we urge the Danish people to demand that the bill of SIAD be passed. The demands of the bill are as follows:

Repatriation of non-integrated immigrants - which means criminal immigrants who have proven not to be integrated - must consequently be repatriated and have their Danish citizenship withdrawn, if they have such.

This action will solve the problems once and for all. Consequently, those who want to stay in Denmark on our conditions, and who will conform to the Danish society, will no longer be put into the same category as that of the people who want to destroy the Danish society.

But it does not only count on the Danish national level when politicians and media run away from their responsibilities.

On New Years Eve George Bush talked to the chosen people about “religion of peace”, that is Islam! This was a sentence he used even shortly before September 11th 2001. And we thought that his increasing experiences with Iraq had taught him the opposite.

Another conception lanced by Mr. Bush is “war against terror”, a sentence our Danish Prime Minister has adopted as his own. Just the words “war against terror” show that either these two are a couple of persons with double morality or they are so stupid that they should not be in office.

If we examine Islam we shall soon see that terror is only an instrument to obtain the goals of Islam. And it does indeed need more than ordinary stupidity if the victim of an aggressor tries to stop the instrument rather than the hand that holds it.

We shall not get any further in this matter before our politicians and media have the courage to admit that Islam is our enemy. You may notice that every time an Al Qeada cell or another Islamic terror group has been removed, other groups emerge. In other words, the removal of these cells is only a treatment of the symptoms. The ideology of Islam will still send its front soldiers out in the form of terror groups to replace those they lost.

Therefore it is easy to understand the attitudinized grimace on our Prime Minister’s face when he explained why our soldiers must fight in the Helmand provinces. Here again he demonstrated his stupid motive, “war against terror”. It would suit him if he would understand that Islam is the real problem, not the terror.

We support our clever and heroic soldiers in Afghanistan. But to fight terror in Afghanistan is a stupid undertaking as long as our politicians will not see, or dare not see, that Islam is the greatest problem in the Western world.

If they had the courage to comprehend this problem other strategies could be used, which would not necessarily cost the lives of so many young Danish people on a national level as well as on a foreign political level.

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