Wednesday, 20 February 2008

When two tribes go to war

It seems that one of the benefits of being a multicultural country is the fact that we have to pay for services to treat, keep and act as referees when the differing groups start beating hell into each other and in some cases, killing each other.

I do not know the full background story of how David Haynes died but I do know we are having to pay to act as referee between the Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities in Wellingborough.

A meeting between community leaders and the police was also held following David's death, to discuss community relations in the town.
It all costs and every penny spend on the enrichers of our society is a penny that cannot be spend on the treatment of our elderly and our own people in genuine need.

We can expect more of the above. A lot more.

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Anonymous said...

I note with interest that Patel will serve at least 18 years in prison, now the cynic in me says that if it had been a white boy murdered, Patel would have been given the opportunity to do a runner overseas, and if in the unlikely case he was actually convicted, the sentence would have taken into consideration all manner of circumstances to excuse his behaviour and lower the sentence. Must have been a tough one for the law lords to handle, as they realised that they wouldnt be able to sweep this one under the carpet!