Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Voice of the Deranged and Deluded

One of the most vocal attackers of the British National Party has been a convicted communist criminal by the name of Gerry Gable who publishes a rag mag called Searchlight. Searchlight has a very small number of readers and certainly not enough readers to fund the amount of copies that are given away freely by its paid activists. It is also the front to other anti-British groupings such as StopTheBnp and Hope not Hate.

Given that the only purpose of Searchlight is to smear the British National Party and the fact that it never stands in elections one must wonder if the funding for this organisation comes from the state itself. Certainly it has been proved and admitted by Gable himself that he has worked for British Intelligence. The fact that Searchlight, which is set up as a charity is very convenient, although in law a Charity should be non political.

Originally Searchlight provided two seats to the Steering Committee of the unelected control group of the shameful and violent organisation known as the UAF or Unite Against Freedom as I prefer to call them.

However a falling out between thieves was bound to happen when you consider that the Chairman of the UAF is none other than Red Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of Londonistan who is currently sweating over the doings of his henchman Lee Jasper. Gable, who is Jewish and a confirmed Zionist felt that the UAF people were anti-Zionist and from some of the things said by Red Ken about the Jews he may well be right for once.

You can read the details of the split here. The rift was actually much nastier and very enjoyable for those of us who watched from the sideline. For the truth about Searchlight, you will not go far wrong if you click here.

Well the British National Party was forced to learn the hard way about infiltration by state assets and members of Marxist organisations who join the party under a false flag and seek to disrupt and hinder The Party from within. They tend these days to err on the side of caution.

Earlier this week in Brinsley, The Voice of the Deranged and Deluded held a meeting for 113 people.

Some of them curious BNP members, a few ex members and a raft of really dodgy characters. Oh, and a few real friends and members of the BNP also sat and clapped politely whilst making notes and watching the faces of those being duped by the speakers.

The purpose of the meeting was, as usual by those who have been caught in the act of committing a crime, Treason and Sedition :) against the British National Party and its Leader Nick Griffin in particular.

Remember Nick Griffin is the man who has brought The Party so much success and has put his freedom and his life on the line for The Party and Country. Did I mention these people refer to themselves as Patriots? I can think of a better word.

I will not go into the details of the meeting but I will go into the details of a possible very dodgy character who was in attendance with a friend.

Present was one Barry Taylor who was trying to organise a Petition demanding that its leader, Nick Griffin stand down as Chairman of the BNP.

Strange fellow this Barry Taylor. I have been doing some digging and discovered that he owns 28 websites including England is Ours which is vehemently anti-Griffin with links to sites that boarder on the extreme. Word on the street, is that Barry was expelled from the BNP quite some time ago for being a very, very naughty boy and I would appreciate more information if that is the case.

He is by all accounts very well known in some of the more "hard right" parties, such as the NF, EFP, BPP(see recent news) and appears to be making efforts to worm his way into all of them. Strange sort of person for the so called moderates to invite to a meeting wouldn't you say?

So what is Barry's game? Well he has a wealthy friend who is known as "Lord Holborn" who has posted a statement saying that there is £40,000 up for grabs by any of the following parties BNP, BPP, England First, English Democrats, EIP, Freedom Party, NF, Ukip to pay for deposits in a general election.

Whether those parties would ever see that money, should they apply I do not know. My email to the address given received a brief non-committal reply and my questions remain unanswered.

But what a strange offer to make. Surely funding an host of different Nationalist Parties in an election would split the patriotic vote and that would be of benefit to no one. Except the Lib/Lab/con pact that is.

So why are the modernisers associating with this man and his generous friend who may well be a Mr Bert Leech who recently posted on the infamous eie site that was started up in an attempt to smear the BNP Chairman in the run up to the London Elections. Bert has links to a couple of blogs and one of his id's is Lord Holborn.

Mr Leech by all accounts, has been very generous in the past to other parties including the BNP (or so I believe) and would like to see the Nationalist Parties work more closely together.

A nice dream but something we know can never happen. I suspect that he is being manipulated by Barry Taylor and sadly and badly used. I urge him to think again about his support for those who would hinder the growth of the only Nationalist Party capable of saving Our Country.

So are the rebels, who have already proved themselves to be totally inept, about to make another mistake? Is Barry there to encourage and promote a split in the biggest threat to the establishment parties ever. The BNP and then walk away having tainted by association the rebels to neo-nazi elements?

I would advise any members of the BNP who did have a night out in Brinsley to think about who benefits from a split in the Party. Not them. Not the BNP and certainly not Our Country.


traitors exposed and purged themselfs - does it get any better? said...

scew the missfits and traitors on EIE,

they are traitors to the country as well as the BNP.

they were caught with their pants down and rather than dealing with it in a honest and respectful way, they revealed their true hand, and that is to destroy the BNP, if it were not then these people are incredibly stupid and shold be ignored as they are going knowhere fast.

any gulible person still in touch with this lot has lost all credibilty and the party will do far better without them.

in hindsight i am glad this happend
as it exposed the traitors in an instant. they purged themselfs, hoping to split the party.
they failed, so all they did was purge the party of cranks misfits and antis and the self obsessed, for this i thank them.

we can now move on with a loyal core support that does not jump ship everytime a big wave approaches.

i now pledge to ignore them completely and urge all other nationalist blogs to do likewise.

i havent visited their blog in some time, since the penny dropped that these people are NOTHING but destructive.

screw them all, damn them and any of their followers to hell along with the lib lab cons, they are all on the same side.

traitors to the country each and everyone of them.

onwards to victory in the GLA with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Totally OT, but has the BNP recognised the problems of PC Marxist Gay/Lesbian couple adoption:

ivan said...

i must say you are popular arrow. denise garside has given you a mention in her latest article over on lancaster uaf,she has also asked sharon ebanks to email her on the latest bnp debate on the stirrer ????

Anonymous said...

Now does the irony not hit home?- surely Searchlight would have more in common with those that want to keep Islam at bay, than aid them in their own eventual destruction?. If indeed Searchlight are Jewish, then they would have to be mad to side with their natural enemy, especially after Red Ken's recent comments.

najistani said...



Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Labour MP allegedly bugged as he visited a constituent in jail, has welcomed an inquiry by the justice secretary.

Jack Straw ordered the inquiry into the Sunday Times's claim that police bugged the MP's conversation with Babar Ahmad at Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes.

The Tooting MP said he was "pleased" an inquiry had been ordered quickly.

The US is seeking to extradite Mr Ahmad on suspicion of running websites raising funds for the Taleban.

Mr Khan said he had been visiting Mr Ahmad as part of his constituency work and the allegation "raises serious issues".

Speaking on BBC One's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Khan said: "Clearly I'm concerned, and that's why I'm pleased that the Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw - as soon as he heard about these allegations yesterday - has ordered an inquiry.

"And I'm obviously as keen as your viewers will be to find out whether the allegations are true because the implications clearly are quite serious."

Mr Straw said it was "completely unacceptable" for an MP to be recorded while talking to a constituent.

The bugging is said to have been carried out by officers from Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist branch during visits by Mr Khan to the Milton Keynes jail in 2005 and 2006.

The 37-year-old MP and government whip has campaigned for Mr Ahmad's release....

HAVE YOUR SAY Given the way some MPs act in this day and age I'd say it was about time the law was changed to allow bugging of their conversations.
John Byng
Send us your comments

RS said...

Garside's on half the fora I've looked at Ivan. A real pain in the butt.

yorkielass said...

How the pigs scream when the tables are turned our e-mail and telephone calls are monitored why not MPs? i'd say all muslims in Westminster should be bugged.
Putting foxes in charge of the hen house is suicidal. infact they should not hold any public office after all in islamic states Christians can't.
The Fascist home secretary took another step to totalitarianism today.
Juries would be barred from certain trials...pretence security!
Coroners to be hand picked making them another political tool.
Beaten to death while in the care of eurogend would quickly become died of natural causes.
Anyone doubt now the EUSSR?
This is just another dangerous move against the population dressed up as anti terrorism.
SIOE in Brussels a peaceful demo they were classed as terrorists.
Dissent against the unelected polit bureau again classed as terrorism.
Anti terrorist laws have a habit of biting us all.
Enabling act november 2006 allows politicians free reign not the fictitious government that just might come in at some later date. This applies now to a fast developing totalitarian dictatorship we have now!

london boys said...

Some of the voice of the deranged most ardent supporters are now taking steps back in to the fold, many have at last woken up and realised they have been fooled by a very clever leftie mole.
Interesting posts on Chris Hills blog seems like the very vocal Aberdeen patriot (sic) has had his eyes opened.

The Green Arrow said...

London Boys,

Thanks for that. I hope you are right.

I sincerely hope that all those who have been duped return to the fold and I hope that the BNP are big enough to forgive and forget.

We have a country to take back.

Good Luck