Monday, 11 February 2008

Shisha. One to watch

I'd prefer a good cigar but some like Hookahs.

Here is a story that I will be watching. Shabbir Mer Ali, a restaurant owner has appeared in court after being accused of ignoring the smoking ban by serving his customers shisha pipes.

Now my position on this is clear, I have seen the damage the No Smoking ban has done to the small pubs, clubs and bingo halls in the valleys and it has not been fun.

Empty rooms whilst people huddle together against the rain on the main road. Most valley pubs are on the streets and do not have beer gardens that can be covered over. Those that do have super heaters blasting away day and night whilst the function rooms remain empty and street pubs are starting to put up the shutters.

All pub customers agree, the choice should be the pub or clubs and they should return to the days of the "Smoking Room". A reasonable compromise but not for the, in your face, do as we say crowd who have never been in a valley pub in their life. They value their skins too much to face the wrath of the people.

So I have a degree of sympathy (damn my liberal ways) for Mr Mer Ali, who said;
We allow smoking in the reasonable belief that the Government will either give shisha establishments an exemption, a concession or at the very least financial compensation for the loss of our livelihood. If we stopped allowing shisha it would be economic suicide for us."
So now I look forward to March 7, the date the trial has been adjourned to and the subsequent outcome. What will the Government do? Cave in to the enrichers or enforce the law. A British Pub Landlord was recently fined £10,000 for the same offence and I would expect the same treatment for everyone, no matter how wrong that law is.


Anonymous said...

Of course they will cave in - who pays their wages after all. Anyway we just know it will be exempt for "cultural" reasons!.

Anonymous said...

This will open the floodgates for other pub landlords to copy Shabbir Mer Ali.
Its an ill wind that blows nobody any good .

Anonymous said...

More evidence of a Police state.

It's hard to believe that the British are now such a nation of pussies they allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled in ths way.

Still you can legally take a mind-altering, behaviour-changing narcotic all day and all night if you wish.

Strange times we live in GA, very strange indeed.


david said...

Everybody must know of Alan B'Stard MP?
Did Tony B'Liar mould himself on B'Stard's character?
Gordon Brown will carry the can for B'Liars lies.
Not even staunch Labour supporters will vote Labour next time around.
Does anyone agree it's a shambles?
Does anyone disagree?

bernard said...

The law will cave in, but not because of cultural reasons.
They will say the pipes do not contain nicotine and are therefor non-addictive and no harm to others.

But I can see a loop-hole here for real smokers, can you....?