Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BNP member rules case adjourned

"BNP should be treated as less than human."

A legal case about ethnic restrictions on the British National Party's membership rules has been adjourned.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission whose chairman Trevor Phillips, once referred to BNP members as being "less than human" has issued proceedings against BNP leader Nick Griffin and two party officials.

It claims the party's policy of limiting its membership to "indigenous Caucasian" people is illegal, whilst not mentioning any of the thousands of "black only" organisations that bar white people from joining.

The party has quite rightly, called the action a "pathetic attempt" by the commission to divert attention from its own problems where staff are vanishing quicker than snow on a summers day due to internal problems.

According to the EHRC, the party's membership criteria appeared to be restricted to those within certain ethnic groups and to white people, which it says is contradictory to the shameful Race Relations Act. In a decent society all people should be treated as equals without the need for fasttracking of applicants for jobs and promotion being based on the colour of the persons skin to meet a "made-up" race quota.

The BNP has said it intends to clarify the word "white" on its website and that the commission has brought the action "at the behest of the Labour Party" that has become increasingly concerned at the continued movement of former labour party voters - whom they have betrayed - to the patriotic British National Party.

The case, which was due to be heard at Central London County Court, was adjourned for six weeks.