Saturday, 5 September 2009

The British National Party; A Rebirth?

By Albion

The threat of litigation by the EHRC against the BNP has drawn a huge amount of interest from members and supporters. The governments hand has been prematurely forced into this action when it realised that there was going to be big inroads made against the two main political parties at the next election.

The Government had previously convened a meeting of owners and editors of the print media, the BBC and ITV, representatives of the NUJ who were advised not to give oxygen to the BNP, any press that was given was to be negative. The hope was that over the short term the BNP’s support would dwindle and this political threat would be nullified.

This ploy however did not achieve the results the government hoped it would. Even funding and employing the services of the communist party UAF who were to use threats of violence against the BNP actually achieved nothing; in fact the BNP’s support has grown stronger.

The government expenses scandal has even angered some labour supporters. Browns handling of an illegal war coupled along with the dreadful pictures of soldier’s bodies being returned home to the mourning wives and relatives, a war that did not threaten the security of the United Kingdom, did not endear him to the people either. The bad press the government was receiving was much worse than no press at all.

This case being brought by the EHRC has many interesting implications. I think this decision by the government to use one of its own Quango’s to bring this case to the courts was a knee jerk reaction, and because it was a panic decision was not thought through, and has given the BNP, unknowingly, the ability to finally climb over the barriers that had been placed before it.

The inroads into the mainstream politics by the BNP with all the attendant continuous negative sleaze and slurs thrown against it by not only the press and TV but a host of other organizations which included the Clergy and the Judiciary would have taken the BNP many years to move forward thus the BNP has now been forced to make some serious sacrifices and to rethink strategy to keep the slow momentum moving forward. The changes might be just as well made now as later.

It cannot afford to be shackled by the taint of accusations of being a racist party or it will always be seen as just a fringe extremist group, an extreme far right racist party, a description that the rag tabloids relish using. Once the courts deem that the BNP, by the rewording its constitution, can no longer be labelled a racist political party then any rag media that accuses it so will find themselves up in court quicker than you can say Piers Morgan.

Something has to change and this is a God given opportunity to make those changes.

The people do not trust the Lib/labour coalition of the unwilling who refuse to offer the people a referendum on who should govern them thus offering them the basic right to self determination, and who ignore repeated calls to cease the intake of Immigrants, illegal and legal, Asylum seekers and Health tourist. The country IS full up. The people are seeking a new direction; they do not believe the lies of the corrupt establishment any more.

I see the EU is piqued with Italy because its navy has just escorted a boatload of North Africans back to Libya. The EU also stated at the same time that the UK should be prepared to take more people from the Sudan and Somalia as refugees.

Die-hard BNP supporters and members are concerned about the loss of ‘British-ness’ and quite rightly so, though I cannot see that being an issue with a correctly worded constitution. The BNP at this moment in time is trying to move forward but is being held back by a ball and chain by accusations of Racism.

At this point might I suggest you go to Article entitled (my plans for a new constitution) I repeat, there MUST be sacrifices and the suggestion of a new BNP constitution makes total sense.

It could be a blueprint for all the Nationalist movements throughout Europe faced with the same dilemma. Conditions of membership must be ruthless, and infraction of any of the rules must be met with instant dismissal. This is normal wording in the constitution of all political parties or associations. I also agree with non voting rights for members for 5 years this will keep out government spies and red troublemakers.

Any hint of racism must be removed, but the BNP’s core principles of the immediate cessation of the intake of third world tourists, withdrawal from the Federal Socialist States of Europe, the right of self determination, recognition of the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh races as being indigenous people to these islands, withdrawal of our troops from an illegal war, do not infringe any racial laws.

Once the stigma of being a racist party is removed the brakes are off. Civil servants, including the police, nurses and educators can become members without the threat of dismissal from their jobs.

The BNP can be more than a serious threat to the status quo it can dismantle the Status Quo.

The whole of the European nationalist movement will be watching the result of this court case. It has never been a better time for the BNP to emerge like a chrysalis from the wilderness to be a accepted as a political party on equal terms with the Lab/Libcon but without the attendant baggage, a political party with no history of lying, fraud, corruption, deception and nepotism dragging it down.