Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Political Correctness is Marxist

By Vortex

Ever since the explosion of Liberal ideas and “values” not only in the UK but also across the entire western world, we have been inundated in the media with a barrage of pro-multicultural propaganda, some subtle and some not subtle at all. This has spawned two or three generations of entertainment luvvies, social commentators and others of economic and social influence who incessantly regale us with the importance of embracing the new cult and all it stands for. Their goal is a world state, their philosophy is Marxist inspired and their weapon is political correctness. They try and appeal to “rebellion” and “alternative lifestyles” in pursuit of these objectives.

In fact they have created, as most of us know, a whole new vocabulary of terms to identify with and propagate their creed. In true soviet era style they have also invented a series of “phobias” that label anyone who questions the new mantra as suffering from a disorder rather than a disagreement on what they want for their people and country.

It was the much feared NKVD, the secret police in Stalin’s Soviet Union that incarcerated millions of people using these methods. People who didn’t fit in with the system, including many detained under the pretext of mental health problems, were incarcerated because they dared to stand up to the excesses of the state and who valued freedom of thought and actions.

The vicious tyranny of the communist system has been portrayed admirably in a number of works by such esteemed writers as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, especially in his famous novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch.

Political correctness as it is better known knows no restraints and the new thought police remain busy as ever inventing new terms to ridicule its opponents and relentlessly attacking those who merely question their ever obtrusive and frankly Marxist inspired propaganda. And it is Marxist ideology at work here.

Economic Marxism failed spectacularly of course and in 1989 the oppressed people of eastern Europe collectively and understandably threw off the yoke of their communist overlords, while the left in the west looked on in anguish as their philosophy was ripped to shreds by events. However, cultural Marxism has remained not only rampant but is succeeding in changing societies throughout the west. Their desire to change and defeat western culture and civilization is as strong as ever, and their weapons have been and remain political correctness combined with the progressive erosion of values long held. It was first defined as a strategy in the Long March Through the Institutions, whereby a Marxist inspired generation would infiltrate every facet of national life, mainly in education, the institutions that govern us and of course mass entertainment. In this they have succeeded where their economic policies have failed.

This has resulted in a new elite asserting control over the former conservative elites to such an extent that even the Conservative Party has capitulated to the new way of thinking. Every trendy and ethnic group is now embraced by the Tories under the guise of “inclusive”, so that the former party of the family and the nation, is now busily helping in the nation’s collective decline. Labour of course while no longer embracing much of Marxist economics, has been at the forefront of the new age, with its former new left students now busily changing society through positive discrimination and political correctness while enjoying the lifestyles of the rich and famous. This should be no surprise as many of these new commissars and former communists are middle class ex students who have morphed from rebelliousness anti-social students to the upper strata of the New World Order, whereby ex-communists like Peter Mandelson, now holiday on the luxurious yachts of mega rich internationalists, while discussing new ways of creating the New World Order and the destruction of nation states, especially those in Europe.

Therefore, under the guise of progressivism, a term also now used by the dripping wet Cameron led Tories, and via increasing political correctness, the future map of the world is planned and the fall of the great nation states of Europe and the Western world are plotted.

Of course the much overused term “racism”, an original Trotskyite concept, has been central to these events. Trotsky invented the word to attack anyone in any country that resisted calls for immediate revolution, because of certain national, religious or racial characteristics. Ironically this led him to fall out with Lenin and later Stalin, but it has been used successfully ever since by those cultural Marxists wishing for their New World Order and also by the international capitalist oligarchy that ostensibly oppose them, but who seek to spread their control and influence by the same methods. Their joint enemies are therefore for different reasons the nations and their unique cultures and peoples. Under the guise of cooperation, anti-“discrimination”, and peace, they are busily through the institutions they now control indoctrinating the newer generations with their ways, so now we have young people growing up parroting their slogans and clichés with no knowledge of their own culture and history.

Is it contradictory and sometimes at odds with each other that cultural Marxists now share common goals with international capitalists? Yes in some ways, but certainly in terms of strategy and objectives they have much in common. When they have achieved their much vaunted New World Order they will then battle it out for a share of the spoils, with scraps of conciliation being thrown in turn to each other.

But the destruction of the nation states, and certainly that beacon of civilisation, culture and national identity, Europe will have been destroyed by their joint pincer movement. That is unless the emerging nationalist movements of Europe show the determination, courage and commitment of their ancestors in defying these nation destroyers and rise up to the challenge and defeat them.

It will not be an easy task, with a materialistic, soft and often indifferent younger generation schooled by the those that desire our national destruction, but the spirit and will is still inherent in them, a collective gene that can be activated and motivated for the salvation of the UK and also all the other independent states of the western world. In turn led and moulded by those who have long realised the joint threat to our values. I remain confident that like those who stood up to the communist menace in the 1980s and threw off their shackles we can do likewise. It is imperative that we do so.

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