Monday, 14 September 2009

This site is now closed

Well, it is done and for better or worse, the new Home of the Green Arrow has been built and made ready for our occupation. Sure there are still lots of jobs that need doing around the place but it is habitable and for that I must thank the following two individuals.

My oldest and truest friend, John Of Gwent for his incredible efforts in building the site for me whilst trying to hold down a day job and still remain a committed BNP activist. John, as agreed, I have released your family and they will be back with you soon. You have my word they were not mistreated. Thank You. Have a day off.

Equal thanks must go to our good friend Stuart, currently working in Japan, his superb technical skills and advice helped enormously and we thank him of his offer of future assistance.

These two men, holding down full time jobs and operating in different time zones managed to make sense of garbled emails from myself and work together as a team to get us up and running. Thank you my kinsmen. But you know it does not end here.

So what now? Well we have top quality columnists, I will not name them, you know who they are. We have News Hounds who will fetch you the news both National and International whose links you might not normally come across in your travels. And we thank them all for their past efforts and their efforts in the future.

So what else is needed to make the new site really rock? Well we need at least two Sun Style writers to churn out shorter articles with bite for those readers who do not have the time to read the in depth articles of the columnists. Hopefully they will read and advance their knowledge of what is really happening in the world by book marking the essays to read when they do have time.

And the plans for the future?

  • We will build in a secure Forum.
  • We will build in a secure chat room.
  • we will create an Online Radio Station.
  • We will create a video area.
Well that is enough "we wills" for now. There are a lot more. But they will happen, I promise you that.

Eventually when all the above is done, the name of the site will change from Home of the Green Arrow and Friends to Friends of the Green Arrow and I can retire to the front room and play poker knowing the site is in good hands with the new Green Arrow whoever he or she may be.

Now then, before we move, just enough time to tell you why the name Green Arrow was chosen for this site just over two years ago - and it is nothing to do with a comic book hero whose existence was unknown to me at start up.

I chose the pen name Green Arrow in memory of a man who used to write angry letters to a local newspaper I read as a child of 9 or 10. He was always complaining and railing against The Establishment and his persistence stuck in my memory. He must be long dead now but at least I remember him and now you also know of him. So in a way his memory lives on.

And why the video at the top of this article? Well I guess because it reminds me of an happier time. I also find it kind of symbolic because I remember listening to one of the earliest transmissions from Radio Caroline and hoping that they would do well.

So this site is now officially closed. Please go here and bookmark Our New Home. You will be able to monitor the sites success or failure, as Alexa ratings and Count will always be displayed. Our current rating is 6,713,428. Well let us see what we can do about that.

Important. You do not have to register to read the new site but it would be nice if you did. The login is mainly for writers and news-hounds but by registering you are showing your support for the site in the same way "The Follow" display on this site was an indicator of the sites popularity.

Thank you for reading the Home of the Green Arrow and Friends.

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