Thursday, 3 September 2009

BNP Membership List-Statement by Dyfed-Powys Police

Try not to laugh when you read the following statement that has been released by Dyfed-Powys Police

Following a complaint received from the British National Party on the 19th November 2008 Dyfed Powys Police, working with the Information Commissioners Office, launched a criminal investigation. The complaint related to the British National Party membership list which had been published on the internet.

The investigation that followed was undertaken with the involvement of other forces and law enforcement agencies within the UK, and advice from the Crown Prosecution Services. Close working with internet service providers within the USA also assisted this investigation.

Det Chief Superintendent Steve Mears said, ‘This offence had wide ranging consequences across the country, and today’s conviction should serve as a lesson to those who flagrantly abuse the Data Protection Act, and demonstrates that law enforcement agencies will pursue them and seek criminal prosecution, where necessary.
£200 fine serve as a lesson? That is a weekends beer money for some people, especially those in the Teddy Bear market.

The investigation is estimated to have cost a minimum of £50,000. Police received 160 complaints regarding attacks or threats made against BNP members and people like PC Steve Bettley lost their jobs.

To me a £200 fine is not a "lesson", it is more a declaration of open season on the BNP. Especially when the politically appointed Judge stated that some BNP members may have deserved attacking.

Then, when I read that those same people who tried to rip the BNP apart, prior to the release of the list are claiming now that the creature whose name I cannot even mention, SG was innocent, my outrage knows no bounds.

And then when these plastic patriots post links to her under the thumb and penis led excuse for an husband "apologising", I realise just why the BNP Membership Criteria must be drafted in such a way as to never allow these traitors to steal control of the party at the behest of the state who most of them work for.