Monday, 7 September 2009

Who will draw the Short Straw for Liebour against the BNP?

So that is it. So much for the lefts much vaunted "No Parmesan Cheese" shout. Actually I think what they actually meant to say was "No Pasaran/They shall not pass" which was the battle cry of the atheist communists during the Spanish Civil war when failing to defend Madrid against the Christian Right.

Of course, as we all know and as the reds conveniently forget, is that Franco and his forces did pass and their response as they retook the city was "Hermos pasado/We have passed". Best the reds stick with the No Parmesan Cheese line which is almost as funny as their "We are black we are white, we are asian - and we're gay". That had us boys rocking for weeks. Anyone still have the link?

And now that Liebour have realised that they have again been outmanoeuvred by the British National Party they are forced into doing a U-Turn on their refusing to share a platform with the BNP and say that they will now put up a "senior representative" to side with the conservatives and Liberal Democrat wings of The Establishment in ganging up on a BNP spokesman on Question Time sometime later this month.

So even whilst we speak, straws are being drawn in the labour party to see who is going to be sacrificed to the BNP - some are saying it should be Jack Straw. After his admission about lying over the Libya fiasco he is not the most popular person at the moment and is seen as long past his sell by date.

But who is to say that the BNP even want to go on Question Time, we all saw the shameful and anti-democratic way, Andrew Brons MEP and the Reverend West were treated on a fairly recent TV show. Considering the abuse from the hand-picked red audience, I thought they done rather well.

The BBC these days needs the BNP more than the other way around. The BNP is advancing everywhere and the BBC know that should any BNP official agree to sit at a table with liars, pervers and traitors, their dismal ratings will go through the roof.

And where will David Cameron and Red Ken Livingstones UAF be on the day of the show if it takes place? Well remembering that they are actually sponsored by the Muslim Council of Britain they will be attempting to silence the voice of free speech on the orders of their moslem masters. That is if Draylon Bonnet can drag himself away from his trophy white friend, Tara. My God what an image to have stuck in your mind.

And talking of the moslem mouthpiece Cameron, I see he intends to go trotting after the eleven Libyan moslem preachers of hate who are conveying their orders to their troops in the Midlands. You can bet those head banging Immans are telling their zombies just who to vote for - Cameron.
Colonel Gaddafi said that the aim of Wics was to convert the whole of Europe to Islam.

He said: “This religion shall overcome all other religions before it. Their time has gone. It is his promise, Allah shall prevail this religion over the rest.

“There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent and the number is on the increase. The number of indigenous Europeans is falling drastically.

“This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted to Islam. Europe will one day be a Muslim continent.

So there you have it. If you sheep people who have landed on this site by accident get this far, think this. If you will not believe what the BNP is warning you about, will you listen to the horse itself?

And in a related story that you should all read. Birmingham's Top Muslim Leader urged moslems to attack protesters.


Official - Gordon Brown is barking mad.

Now back to Question Time. This is hilarious - well I think so. Just who in the labour party can take on Nick Griffin MEP BNP? You know the answer. Nobody.
Where Labour would be making a mistake would be to put up what Preston calls a "second division bruiser" to take on Griffin, who is a Cambridge graduate and therefore must be bright (although you could often be forgiven for thinking otherwise).

I'm immediately thinking of Phil Woolas – but no, Joanna Lumley fixed him, and she's only a girl. Jon Cruddas? We're getting warmer, but he's not even a minister. Prezza? No, he's too tongue-twisted and besides, this is Question Time, not Fisticuff Time.

Surely what the situation needs is a first division bruiser, someone who can demolish a half-baked claim or a flaky policy and make mincemeat of a bully used to getting his own way in front of adoring audiences.

Trouble is, I can't immediately see anyone in the current cabinet who could do the job. Question Time can be pretty boisterous these days – it's that audience participation which winds it up: they must all be bloggers – and exposes the weaknesses of politicians who are less than combative.

Of course, we all say that we want thoughtful leaders who do not resort to cheap shots and below the belt punches. It can look a bit pathetic on the box. But who in cabinet has natural aggression in a marketable form?

Ed Balls perhaps, but is his marketable? Jack Straw once, but no longer. Brown, Alistair Darling, David Miliband? No!!! It's striking that this would not have been problem a few years ago when John Reid – a bruiser through and through – would have been perfect for the job. Charles Clarke, David Blunkett – even mild John Hutton had a serious mean streak.

So unless I've missed someone – that Yvette Cooper, I bet she can be mean – or Reid is available for hire, it looks like the task should fall to Alan Johnson, who is street-smart and funny.

But is he mean enough? And is he combative enough? And can he be bothered to psyche himself up and learn all the boring detail he'd need to do the job properly?

I'd like to think so, nice guy that he is. But I harbour what the vicar would call Doubts.

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