Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Barking mad Daily Mirror

I selflessly volunteer for the job

I must confess that even if Nick Griffin and the BNP had not ate my hamster, I still would not dirty the bottom of it's empty cage with a single sheet of paper from the rag Daily Mirror.

I also wonder if the writers are deliberately seeing just how far they can go in testing the stupidity of its dwindling readership.

Take their latest tripe attack against the British National Party, in which, yet again they shoot another foot off. All I can say is their writers must have more feet than millipedes - another form of red crawly creature and just as low to the ground as a crawling thing can get - apart from Ken Livingstone's UAF.

They are now saying that when the British National Party come to power, they will employ people to go around and measure the skirt length of young women (what about Tara?) and if the skirt is found to be above the knee the wearer will be imprisoned.

Now actually that is a job I would not mind, I have always been a "leg man" myself. But do the writers who produce this rubbish really believe what they are writing? Perhaps, who knows.

But strange that the Mirror can rant on about the BNP and skirts lengths, yet not condemn the Cult of the Dead Paedophile that already forces their women to dress up as black letterboxes and slices bits of the bodies of their young girls in the name of religion.

Look, if any of you Daily Mirrors land on this site by mistake, why not go read some real news over on The UKTabloid and discover the truth about what is really happening in Our tortured Country. Also recommend our regular readers to pop over also. Just be prepared to be outraged.

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