Friday, 11 September 2009

I want hundreds of mummies

OK, so you do not care about Our Soldiers dying in the illegal wars. They are not your children, so why should you care? So what do you care about?

Well perhaps you might care about something a little nearer home. The fact that the schools where you think your children are safe - give or take the odd hammer attack by marauding moslems - are actually brainwashing you children into something that goes against the laws of nature.

Now, the sane ones amongst you might think that the ideal family is one that has both a mother and a father but if you watch this video you will see that the people writing these books - some might call them paedophiles - I will not - for now - think that the ideal family is one where the main parent has HUNDREDS of partners of the same sex.

So stop swallowing the sick vomit that the paedophile run Establishment is spewing into your mind, reject it and fight for your children and join the British National Party.


Where are all the white children gone?