Saturday, 12 September 2009

Youtube freezes popular video counters

I have wondered why some videos I have either put up myself or linked to have their counters frozen for long periods of time. For example the video about the mad moslems plan to take over the UK, that I posted this morning has had its counter frozen at 311 and by all accounts it will now stay like that for a couple of weeks unless I can find a fix. So lets see if there is one out there.

Now after searching, I find that this is done deliberately to stop people spamming their own and friends videos and is triggered by a high hit rate, personally I think Youtube are bang out of order.

Hmm. Well so far, all I have found are sites that require you to pay to get your video unlocked. I think I will pass on that. All very depressing according to these comments here.

OK - Every cloud as silver lining. I laughed my socks of at this young guy. The video is boring until he goes into his routine at 45 secs in. Made me laugh anyhow but I might just be weird.