Monday, 7 September 2009

The Battle of Saragarhi and the BNP

A can cracked and whilst looking at "My to Do List" of over 50 subjects to write about, I thought I should check out the 2nd part of two videos made by the BNP when they interviewed the Sikh Rajinder Singh. You can see part one by clicking here.

Well when you think that Mr Singh has been trying to warn us about the mosem menace since 2001, it makes you realise how deaf we British can be to the sound of a warning bell being rung. Had we and and our crooked politicians listened back then we would not now be seeing scenes on youtube of young white men being kicked senseless by gangs of moslems.

Now, in the 2nd part of the video Mr Singh says that the peace and prosperity of Our Country depends on us defending it in a "virile and manly manner" or else we will suffer the same fate of the Sikhs in 1947. And he is damn right.

So having listened to him speak, I thought that Sarkozy and his betrayal of France and submission to Turkey could wait another day and I started to dig into the history of the Sikh People and look at their proud military achievements - and boy do they have some.

Again, I urge you to do your own research. You will find the origins of Sikh religion very interesting. In fact if I was not a Christian, I could handle being a Sikh - apart from the long hair bit. I might have a problem doing that bit. But then again long hair, beards and turbans are options that are not enforced so I might be OK yet.

But whilst diving around in their proud military and warrior past, I discovered just how brave and tenacious they can be. If I could not have a Welsh Regiment on my flank in a battle then I would not worry were it a Sikh Regiment. In fact my perfect Order of Battle, would be made up of Welsh, Scots, Ulster and English Regiments closely supported by Sikh and Gurkha Regiments. That would be one kick-ass outfit. I will not tell you what I think my nightmare Order of Battle would be - that would be insulting to the French and the Italians.

But on with the article. Next Saturday, the 12th of September is a day remembered by pride by all Sikhs, especially Sikh Military Units. It is their Saragarhi Day, in which they remember a battle that took place on 12th September 1897 in which 21 Sikhs of the 4th Battalion of the 36th Sikhs Regiment defended an army post against 10,000 or more moslems. I would like to say that some of them survived but when I tell you that every one of those brave soldiers received posthumously, the Indian Order of Merit, which was the highest military ward at that time and equivalent to the Victory Cross you know their fate.

When the gallantry of Saragarhi was recounted to the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the recitation drew a standing ovation from the members. The saga of Saragarhi was also brought to the notice of Queen Victoria.

"The British, as well as the Indians, are proud of the 36th Sikh Regiments. It is no exaggeration to record that the armies which possess the valiant Sikhs cannot face defeat in war"
As Field Marshal William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount Slim said at the time;
"You are never disappointed when you are with the Sikhs. Those 21 soldiers all fought to the death. That bravery should be within all of us. Those soldiers were lauded in Britain and their pride went throughout the Indian Army. Inside every Sikh should be this pride and courage.."
And now there is something that all of us True British Patriots must do. We must learn to tell the differences between apples and oranges if we are to survive not just as a nation but as a race even.

The Establishment have insulted "British Citizens" for too long. They have, for political purposes and for marxist reasons tried to lump in together all different races under the banners of "Asian" or "Black".

Just as there are different sub sets of whites, there are different subsets of Blacks. There is a hugely clear visible difference between say a Zulu Warrior and a Masai Warrior. A West Indian Christian is totally different to a Somalian moslem. But it suits the Establishment to lump them in as "Black" and to try and use them for political purposes to retain power over the True British People.

And just as there are "differences" between the blacks, there are difference between "Asians". Asia is huge. It is the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population- there must be dozens of different ethnic groups being insulted when The Establishment use the word "Asian".

Now whether you or I like it or not, there are very bad times coming to this country of ours. The recent street scenes of violence are just weather vanes pointing to worse to come.

Now the Sikhs who have fled to this country did not come here to colonise or change our culture, they came to live in peace and for their children to have a chance at life. Something that does not happen in Moslem countries - there their only option is to submit to madmen.

West Indians who came here on the Windrush came also for a better life. Again they did not come here to change our culture.

The Chinese - if you can find one. Again did not come her to change our way of life or change our culture.

There is only one people/cult who seek to Change Our Way of Life and to Destroy Our Culture and are prepared to use all means and methods, be they through out breeding us or bombing us into becoming their Dhimmi slaves and they are The Moslems.

Now, I said that I wanted a white only BNP - but I was wrong. I wrote that when I really did not understand fully the danger we and when I say we, I mean all patriotic "British" and "British Citizens" are in.

Trevor Phillips has done the British People a great service. He has now given us a chance for ALL PATRIOTIC BRITISH CITIZENS to unite to defeat the enemy that threatens us all.

Hopefully that will be via the ballot box but if push ever comes to shove, I want the Sikhs, Chinese and others who do not want our way of life destroyed, fighting with us and not against us.

Again I say that Rajinder Singh be made a Life Member of the BNP and if the current rules do not allow that, then make him an Honorary Member until the rules are changed.

And this next bit is going to prompt a lot of hostile comments but I am not here to win friends, I am here to speak the truth the way I perceive it. Nationalists should be making approaches to areas where there are large Sikh or West Indian Communities and looking for new members and candidates to stand in those areas. Bring it on.