Friday, 11 September 2009

Emily Thornberry - Labour MP and slug

The Red Toad

Right then, if you follow this link here to YouTube, you can see a five minute clip in which the grossly overweight slug and Labour MP for Islington South & Finsbury, Emily Thornerry gives her reasons why the BNP should be denied the right to appear on Question Time.

Now no laughing when you watch the video, when this enormous creature says that there is no reason why she should appear on a platform with the BNP. For Gods sake, the size of her, there would be no room in the studio let alone on a platform. But let us not get personal let us just look at what we know about this bag of gas.

Emily was voted in as an MP in 2005 with a waver thin majority of 458 votes so she is not going to be around for much longer come the General Election. However, despite her size she is pretty nimble when it comes to shoving tax payers money into her forced retirement sack.

Last year she sucked up £132,980 in expenses on top of her salary.

In just one year she said she spent £20,000 on postage. This staggering figure means that she would have had to have sent out 234 letters a day, 365 days a year. If you believe that then continue to put your X next to Labour on the ballot sheet. She was then forced to repay the sum of £4245.28 when this claim was investigated by the Standards Commission.

Toad Thornberry was one of the Labour MPs who voted through a £4,584 pay rise for inner London MPs, equivalent to a 7% pay rise. This contrasts with the 2.5% pay rise her Government is seeking to impose on public sector staff.

She also voted to keep the MPs £24,000 second homes allowance - the so-called 'John Lewis list' - and voted against independent auditing of MPs expenses. I wonder why?

The champagne socialist is a big supporter of Palestinian Terrorists and a personal friend of Red Ken Livingstone also voted against the Gurkhas who have fought for Our Country being allowed to stay here. Something the BNP does support. Hopefully the BNP will soon have Gurkha members.

In 2006 she was also investigated and found guilty by the Standards Committee when it was discovered she had edited an official press release by the Electoral Commission and added an extra paragraph attacking political rivals.

She voted for the introduction of ID Cards
She voted against a transparent Parliament.
She voted against an enquiry into the Iraq War.

Nice picture of her forming agreed? But wait there is more. Although she campaigns or says she does for more homes, I understand why. She owns three herself.

Despite being a staunch supporter of the education system it did not stop her finding a way to send her own child to the seriously exclusive Dame Alice Owen School.

Boy do I look forward to seeing this overweight red blancmange go splat, when she is knocked of her high horse come the General Election.