Thursday, 3 September 2009

The English Defence League proscribed by BNP

The following statement has been released by the British National Party.

The English Defence League has been proscribed as an organisation. This means it will be a disciplinary offence for British National Party members to associate or participate in any event or activity organised by the English Defence League or hold membership of the English Defence League.

The reasons for this proscription are that the English Defence League, through its activities, brings nationalist and patriotic politics into disrepute. If the English Defence League is not instigated by and its activities are not encouraged by the state (which it quite possibly is) then the track record of this organisation shows that it is run by people who will only bring discredit and probable arrest for anyone who attends its events.

The British National Party does not wish to be associated with the English Defence League in any way whatsoever.

If you become aware of any Party member breaking this ruling, please report them immediately to National Organiser Eddy Butler on 07949-339-130 or email