Thursday, 3 September 2009

New Labour and the New World Order

By Celtic Sun

New Labour and the New World Order:
Your Health in their Hands?

As Nationalists most of us will be all too familiar with bad news coming our way. Today was no exception, except for the fact that today's news for me made grim reading, and clearly represents a taste of things to come, and the battles that lie ahead.

Today I came across three separate news items and which I believe are all linked by a common thread, despite the fact that subject to little more than a casual glance on the part of most there appears no linking factor.

First came the news that an internal French government document reveals plans to instigate a mass vaccination campaign at the end of September. (1) Though there is nothing to say that the vaccine will be compulsory, the document does state that “everyone in the country without exception is to be vaccinated.” Furthermore, similar documents are believed to be circulating in all WHO member states, suggesting that at some future point Britain will also be in line for the swine flu vaccine.

Certainly this would look likely considering the headline in the Telegraph of July 12th - ‘Swine flu vaccine to be given to entire population’ - which starts by saying that ‘The NHS is preparing to vaccinate the entire population against swine flu…Ministers have secured up to 90 million doses of the vaccine…

It is the opinion of many professionals that vaccination represents a massive assault on the immune system of people, many of whom will be at an age whereby their immune system has yet to be fully developed, leaving them open to a whole range of diseases at some future point, including cancer.

The subject of vaccination is too big to go into deeply here, and people are encouraged to investigate this subject for themselves, and preferably from sources other than the mainstream media (for reasons that will be explained shortly), the medical orthodoxy - almost entirely controlled by an extremely powerful pharmaceutical industry that thrives on sickness for its survival (a healthy population means a dead drugs industry) - and any government body to do with ‘health’, for reasons that should be only too obvious.

The second piece of news coming my way today was that supermarkets are in ‘secret talks’ in order to pave the way for the introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods. (2) New Labour are desperate to get GM foods onto our plates, not least of all because of donations, suspected of totalling some £3 million, made by former ‘science ministerLord Sainsbury - who is heavily involved with the biotech industry - to the party. (3)

Those who keep an eye on the ‘news’ will of course have noticed all the recent warnings about the impending ‘world food shortage’ and, like a knight in shining armour, here comes New Labour with the solution, and which will at the start entail the Food Standards Agency carrying out a year-long spin campaign to win support for GM food.

Of course, people do not want GM foods, whilst a UN study last year came to the conclusion that GM foods would not be the solution to world hunger. Make no mistake, the buttering us up to accept GM foods has nothing to do with easing the suffering of anyone, but instead lining further the pockets of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The third item that came my way today: plans to introduce fluoridated water in my home town. And like the impending ‘flu epidemic’ and impending ‘world food shortage’, as seen in regards to the above, there will shortly be the inevitable warnings over ‘dire levels of child tooth decay’. There might well be a problem with this, but surely the answer lies in educating parents to stop force-feeding their offspring copious quantities of sugar-laden foods and drinks, and teaching them to clean their teeth properly twice a day, not through the criminal action of enforcing mass medication on each and every one of us.

Fluoridation is known to be responsible for a whole host of health problems, thus making a nice bit of future business for the drug boys, whilst having the added bonus of stupifying the population by addling their minds. (Just why the government feels the need to do this I’m not sure, judging by the comatose hordes sat glued in front of the idiot box watching endless mind-numbing ‘reality TV’ shows and soap operas.)

People, in the main, don’t want fluoride added to their drinking water. Southampton voted by 72% not to have it - but they got it regardless.

There is lots of info on fluoride on the web, but an collection of articles can be found here:

Elsewhere, as if all this wasn’t enough, I read that the heating of the brain caused by mobile phones is ‘No More Harmful Than a Hot Bath’ for children, according to a government leaflet, proving once more the absurdity of entrusting your health to this government, whose only loyalties lie ONLY in the direction of the chemical/pharmaceutical/biotech industries, and not towards the comatose public. Still, when you have a situation whereby more people vote in the X Factor than they do a general election, it could be said they have exactly the sort of government they deserve. (Strangely, the original Telegraph article referred to here about mobile phones has subsequently vanished.)

So all three stories have as a common thread: New Labour doesn’t give a toss about the health of you or your loved ones, that your opinion counts for less than nothing, and that you WILL be vaccinated, and be getting fluoridated drinking water and GM foods on your plate whether you like it or not.

However, despite this common thread I feel there is more to it. These three issues are just three of many that come and go from consciousness in rapid succession on an almost daily basis in the fast paced world of ‘news’ reporting. Today it’s these three stories. Tomorrow it could well be New Labour’s plans for ID cards and the ‘national identity register’. Or perhaps it could be CCTV cameras, now proven to be next to useless in solving or preventing crime (other than car crime, which just shifts to other areas not covered by CCTV - but still they keep coming!) Or maybe ‘news’ about the EU, immigration, or the latest health or terrorist scare. Always something.

Now, whilst I am no expert in such matters, I do like to think I have a little good old-fashioned common sense, and in this I also believe that behind these stories there is the guiding hand of an emerging New World Order. Today on one Nationalist blog site I came across a short, but what to me seems a comprehensive definition of what the NWO actually is: ‘The use of national state power under the control of a global government in order to maximise corporate profits.’ And to my mind this just about sums it up, a world where the individual counts for nothing, corporate profits everything. (4)

That same article goes on to explain:

‘Now we know why the endless succession of government ministers who come from big business backgrounds want to be elected as MP's, so as to represent the interests of the corporations they work for, and why so many ex-government ministers end up as directors or working for corporations and big business when they leave Parliament, in order to get their payoffs for representing the interests of their corporate masters instead of the people whilst they were in power.

The New World Order is the creation of a Global Corporate Fascist Government where individual nations use the power of the State to repress internal dissent and democracy in order to maximise the profits of the corporations that control and fund the election campaigns of the political parties in power and who own the media corporations that get politicians elected into power.’

But of course none of this could possibly come about without a certain conditioning of the people:

The people must be continually distracted: ‘reality TV’, soaps, the ‘celebrity culture’, etc.

The people must be made too physically weak to resist: poor quality, pesticide and additive laden food; vitamins and food supplements made prescription only (already in the pipeline); mass vaccination; 24 hour drinking; GM foods; fluoride in the drinking water, etc.

The people must be weakened mentally, emotionally and spiritually: isolation through mass immigration; the banishing of any sense of culture, identity and belonging; constant ‘threats’ from disease, debt and terrorism, etc.

The people must be put under total surveillance: CCTV cameras everywhere; ID cards, neighbours encouraged to spy on each other; councils using ‘anti-terrorism’ measures to spy on you for the most trivial reasons; a micro-chipped population (already being tested), etc.

The people must lose all sense of individual power: the EU - where 80% of our laws now originate; ever-repressive laws against once legal protest; increasing red tape and buerocracy; political correctness, etc.

And, of course, the media must only give news favourable to the elite. On the same site as quoted above:

Chomsky on the Media

Noam Chomsky is bang on the money when he defines the nature of the US and UK media in this article here;

Chomsky also addressed the media and freedom of expression in the U.S. "In the United States the socio-economic system is designed so that the control over the media is in the hands of a minority who own large corporations... and the result is that the financial interests of those groups are always behind the so-called freedom of expression," he said.

If the corporations that control the media don’t like what you say then you don’t get to say it to the public.

All those 'revolutionaries' who are allowed access to the media, such as leftists, liberals and environmentalists, are simply products of the system - in that the system allows 'dissent' but only dissent that the system can control and that the corporations can profit from by peddling the trite, castrated ideologies and books of the liberals and left to the public.

Leftism, Liberalism and the Green Party type of environmentalism are allowed to be broadcast and propagandised in public as they are products of the system and run and controlled by agents of the system.

The only ideologies that are attacked by the system and the media, such as Nationalism and the BNP, are attacked simply because they represent the ONLY threats to the system.

Leftists, Liberals and Green Party Environmentalists and anti-Capitalist groups serve the system, as they ensure that the energy and money of the revolutionary masses are directed into the impotent farce of posturing and profiteering instead of into revolutionary nationalism that could bring down the entire system itself.’

This is very true, and reminds me of my experiences within the anti-vivisection movement, of which I was a part some time ago, and which should not be confused with the animal rights movement. Here, the former as its main principle recognises that animal experimentation is an essential element of a pharmaceutical industry that requires scapegoats when their toxic products end up killing and maiming people. Remember that pharmaceutical drugs kill some 40,000 people in the UK alone each year, and the unreliability of animal testing is the alibi whereby the drugs industry can claim that ‘all safety testing has been done’, knowing full well that such testing methods account for nothing.

Therefore, the genuine anti-vivisection (AV) movement argues against vivisection on medical, scientific, environmental (all the toxins poisoning our land and seas are animal ‘safety-tested’), and economic grounds. The animal rights movement, composed largely of the hopelessly naïve, believe that vivisection can be stopped through ethical arguments alone.

Needless to say the genuine AV movement - representing a real potential threat to vested interests - NEVER gets air time in the mainstream media, whereas animal rights people - posing no threat whatsoever - are wheeled out on a regular basis to put forward their predictably useless arguments as to why vivisection should end. (5)

This is exactly the same scenario as Chomsky relates above: that is, only a ‘safe’, non effectual and purposely controlled ‘opposition’ is ever allowed air time - though ironically presented as being ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech in action’.

Whilst on this subject, I should also recall the investigation done some 10 years or more ago by one organisation into just why the BBC not only promotes pharmaceuticals and vivisection at every opportunity, but furthermore only allows the ‘safe’ animal rights arguments as any sort of opposing voice, when it was discovered that the BBC is riddled with people from the pro-vivisection community, including one or two from the pro-vivisection Research Defence Society. News unfavourable to the drugs industry is very unlikely to make it onto the BBC.

Now all this brings me to just why the BNP is under attack like never before: BECAUSE THEY POSE A GENUINE THREAT TO THE AGENDA OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Indeed, this is why I joined the BNP; their stance on upholding our culture and traditions, their ideas regarding preventative medicine (healthy food) and protecting our countryside, and their position regarding free speech and democracy, and our independence from the EU.

And much more besides, most of which is in complete opposition to the agenda of the NWO, which aims to remove our identities, weaken us physically and mentally, exploit us, and have us under total control in our every thought, movement and action.

None of the above items on the agenda of the NWO that I have listed above are figments of any over-active imagination; all are well under way to fruition, as can be seen whenever someone looks at the bigger picture. Unfortunately the mainstream media presents these issues in fragmentary form, which are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, rather than the completed puzzle itself; by themselves they make little sense, at least in regards to the bigger scheme that is underway.

Today the three issues came to me almost in unison. This is, to my mind, further evidence that what we see happening all around us today, and what we see, hear and read about daily in fragmentary form, is no mere series of coincidences. I also believe that it brings home just how well advanced the agenda of the NWO agenda is. The first signs of social unrest are manifesting, in particular towards the issue of immigration, but to my mind the biggest mistake we can make is to forget, or mistake who the true enemy is.

1. Race wars on the streets of Britain will ultimately only give further cause for the implementation of the NWO agenda, including stricter laws, armed police, curfews, etc. I would certainly advocate peaceful protest, but violent confrontation should be avoided at all costs.

2. Though the likes of the UAF are seen as the enemy, we should bear in mind that they are merely the ‘useful idiots’ of the State. True, we should take any measures necessary to protect ourselves from attack from these people, but they are in themselves powerless and every much the ‘victim’ as you or I. One day they will wake up and realise how they are being used. Furthermore, without the financial and vocal support of the main political parties they are nothing.

3. The true enemies of us Nationalists - in fact of all of us - operate THROUGH the agencies of the three main political parties; that is to say, that on this level the three parties are one and the same; their political funding would not have come their way were the situation not so. It is important to bear in mind the fact that whichever of the three parties is ever in power, the agenda remains THE SAME.

Therefore, I believe that the way in which we Nationalists must advance our cause is, on an individual basis, by instigating an organised, peaceful and widespread movement of NON-COMPLIANCE with this evil, treacherous government, in every way possible.

This may mean everything from refusing enforced mass vaccination to refusing to pay the BBC license fee - the BBC of course being the main outlet for NWO propaganda, to withholding payment to water companies that purposely poison our water supplies. The nature of this campaign of non compliance must, by its nature, be non-political - that’s to say, it will by necessity mean operating outside of ‘the law’, and which of course must see us operating outside of any political framework. This is not to say that the BNP must be rejected. Far from it, the battles ahead, which are likely to be long and grim, must be fought on both fronts; both are necessary if we are ever to stand a chance of regaining our rapidly diminishing freedoms.






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