Sunday, 13 September 2009

The communist Matt Withers of Wales Online

I see that the communist writer for Wales Online, Matt Withers has been doing his masters bidding again and taking another pop at the British National Party.

Matt who also writes for the state funded Searchlight organisation that is run by the convicted communist Gerry "Unstable" Gable, makes a series of easily disproved stupid statements in this rant here.

He claims that the BNP play the martyr card by stating they are denied a platform in the communist controlled media. But that is the truth. The BNP have been fighting to break through the NO PLATFORM barriers for decades.

He also says that any half-decent frontline politican should be able to demolish the BNP in a debate. Well organise a debate then Matt. I am sure the BNP would be willing to put someone forward. But first you will have to find an half-decent politician somewhere in the Lib/Lab/con alliance and they just are not there.

Then he makes a shameful attack on a BNP councillor who was unable to attend several meetings for personal reasons. I suggest Matt that if you really want to write about "bad" councillors that you go visit the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site. Any chance of an article on how rotten The Establishment crooked councillors are Matt? No, did not think so you butt licking red worm.

Matt you remember, was the dipstick who tried to organise a spam email attack on the British National Party back in September 2007. Does that sound like the actions of a "professional" journalist or a red stooge?

Incidentally in the Searchlight article that the red wrote, he claimed that there was no record of any asylum seeker being given a cheque to buy a car. He may be correct. They are given what is called an Integration Loan - what they buy with it is up to them. Car maybe?

The Integration Loan is a new initiative to provide interest-free loans to refugees to help their integration into UK society.
A failed asylum seeker, Mohammed Ibrahim who left a young girl dying under the wheels of his car after a hit-and-run accident has been freed to the disgust of her family.