Saturday, 27 June 2009

Oh Woe is Me.

By The Informer.

Once upon a time Britain was an Island divided by class, religion and loyalty. After 1000’s of years of civil war and attempted invasions a proud united Kingdom was established. Out of this great Britain a parliament of commoners was created to represent each and every Briton equally. This parliament became the envy of the world and was copied by many of today’s democracies. Its members were elected by the populace and accountable directly to them. These members came from all walks of life and obeyed a strict code of honour.

Gradually avarice, nepotism, and corruption began to infect the elected members. Powerful businesses, individual s and workers unions discovered that they could bribe members to favour their interests.

Parliament became disjointed with members taking sides against others, and the old division of classes returned. Two world wars welded the members together again, but members had by now all become allied to self interest groups. Democracy was in decline and minority groups gained a disproportionate voice.

Soon British traditions began to be eroded, and there were again ominous rumblings from Europe.

Dark forces were at work.

Union leaders more interested in the promotion of communist politics picked a war with the last real face of Conservatism. They lost, and we all lost because of it. Coal was no longer the King that Britain’s industrial might was built on.

The world’s oil sheiks seized the opportunity, courting our leaders to sell our souls, without any doubt being well reimbursed for doing so.

Behind our backs the Europeans stole our fish stocks, dictated that we could or couldn’t grow, and pilfered our export markets.

Then the invasion we never had, began. The world’s detritus began settling here spoiling everything and everyone who came into contact with them. Britain began to look, feel and smell differently.

Whole cities now looked like foreign shanty towns, and morals declined. People started losing hope and purpose.

Disgusting sexual habits were promoted and legislated in favour of. Hundreds of thousands of fatherless children and their irresponsible parents sucked the life blood out of the states coffers.

Taxpayers now had to fund the worthless African countries and bolster the Indian Sub Continents nuclear powers as if we now alive owed these people anything.

The Christian Church capitulated and Islam began its inexorable fetid growth.

The police have been taken over, standing idly by whilst maddened dervishes spout their vitriol at our troops and patriotic politicians, whilst protecting the interests of tiny front organisations.

All protest is stifled and members of parliament openly and cravenly support those trying to eradicate us.

There is an answer. The ballot box next year. However those of us who love our country may have to fight an old fashioned war to restore this land to its greatness. We must make our invaders as unwelcome as possible as soon as possible to make them and their scrounging offspring with them.

The time is not near, it is now. We must build our resistance locally until we join up with our neighbours.

It is only when the cowardly two mentioned in the graphic realize how strong that we really are will anything be done to turn the tide.

However they might not get a chance to do anything.

Soon we will be an Islamic state, if the British National Party does not succeed.

This is not a scare story; it is the cold bare truth.

Prepare yourselves.