Monday, 29 June 2009

More about Halal Gelatine.

By the Informer.

My previous article about Halal sweets was treated with derision by the loony left.

I have been accused of being racist, foodist, and all the nasty little words that the supporters of the mad people can think up.

All this over a few packets of sweets. Or was it?

I have been researching the use of gelatine that can be considered Halal and therefore suitable for Muslims to eat.

In the west almost all gelatine is produced by recovering it from slaughtered pig bones and sinews. Maybe this comes as a surprise but it has been done for hundreds of years without a fatality, apart from the poor pig. Extraordinarily safe regulations are in place to ensure that only pig products are used.

The requirement for bovine (beef) gelatine is very low because of the continued uncertainty regarding the safety of beef by products after the BSE disaster. Stringent regulations make it virtually impossible to render gelatine from beef without using material which is not allowed to be eaten.

These rules apply only to Europe, and this is where the problem arises.

Although many products containing beef gelatine claim that they are produced in the EU, giving the impression that the ingredients are safe. This is without doubt not the case.

Having trawled as many sites as my day would allow I have been able to absolutely conclude that the vast majority of Halal gelatine is sourced from the Indian Sub Continent, with the remainder from the Middle East. (Unusually this being mainly from goat’s bones and stringy bits).

This of course means that Halal gelatine can bypass all the regulations. One wonders what else does?

Now then bearing in mind that the glaringly obvious hygiene standards of these countries falls 200 years behind ours, and that the donor animals have to be slaughtered whist still alive (Halal words not mine) probably in disgustingly fly ridden conditions, I chose not to eat anything made with Halal gelatine.

Being a sharing caring sort of a chap I would advise you to do the same and boycott this insanity