Tuesday, 23 June 2009

John Who ?

Right Then. The Party's Over. Now Back On yer 'eads

by johnofgwent

Something I just saw, and reponded to over on "UKDebate" has prompted me to come here and express an opinion for a wider audience (!)

As those who did not fall asleep half way through the rivetingly exciting process will already know, the six hundred and fifty odd wastrels and expense account fiddlers whose bums can be found occupying green leather benches in the vicinity of SW1A 0AA have finished the process of deciding who gets to sit in the big chair for the next ten months or so.

And the comment someone posted was "john who".

What a perceptive man that was.

For while they probably intend that as an ironic dig that the six hundred and fifty trough feeders have appointed a mister nobody to oversee the final meltdown of the train wreck that is Brown's "government of the talentless" now that anyone with any sense has buggered off, they have hit the nail firmly upon the head.

"The Speaker" historically had a role and duty to protect members from the over zealous attentions of the head of state. These days they exercise that same duty of care in protecting members from the overenthusiastic disciplinarian tendencies of The Prime Minister and his Whipping Boys (and Girls).

But the fact is that to us, the fifty-odd million directly affected by the actions and inactions of these six hundred and fifty wastrels, the only job the Speaker has is to fairly oversee the flow of debate in the chamber and enforce the rules of parliamentary procedure.

Speakers are there to be commended upon their departure for the sterling work they have done, for while they were there doing it they were supposed to be invisible to the cameras from the second they complete their daily ritual chant of "Order, Order"

The only excuses Mister or Madam Speaker ever has to appear in some local rag, much less to pop up on Prime Time TV, is to show their enjoyment of some personally financed trip connected to their continuing passion for some sporting fixture, their contribution financial or otherwise to some charitable cause whose works are not the replacement of services cut by The Government on the grounds "Think Lotto" can now pick up the bill,. or their steadfast support of some constituent for one reason or other.

If they ever appear on the pages of the newspapers or God Help Us have a microphone thrust into their face by some Sky News "reporter" for ANY other reason they have failed in their job and should be dismissed forthwith.