Sunday, 14 June 2009

New Portrait for the Royal British Legion

Tony Blair
War Criminal

Above is the portrait of the man the Royal British Legion should be writing to about the wearing of The Poppy.

Because that is the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia and the wasted and lost lives of British Servicemen, who died so that he might lick Americas butt and assure his position as a welcome guest speaker doing the rounds for money.

This is the man who should be dragged from under his luxury rock, tried as a war criminal and locked up for life in a cage, where people can spit on him every day until he dies.

Remember, it is not the ordinary members of the Royal British Legion, many of whom support the British National Party, that were responsible for the insulting letter send to Nick Griffin MEP, who proudly wears The Poppy, it was people like:

Stuart Gendall, Director of Corporate Communications for the RBL

Get real Stuart and get behind your troops for once.