Sunday, 14 June 2009

It's a strange old world

We live in a time where up is down and down is up. White lads are hunted like game by packs of ethnics and either stabbed or beaten to death, depending on the mood of the pack and yet it is always the whites who are classed as racists.

And while whites are arrested and have the whole weight of the law thrown at them for revving their car engine in a racist manner or because they might have said something racist, the law suddenly becomes lenient and changes if the ones who made racist statements are labour smuggie luvvies or members of the UAF.
Two women have each been given a fixed penalty fine for disorder after they were arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.
Nick Griffin MEP, stood two trials with that charge. How do I know they were not BNP supporters? Easy really. Because it was on the BBC site and in the extremely unlikely event that they had been BNP, it would have been world news.

Anyhow this is what the reds are saying;
The two women arrested were local anti-racists. They were arrested during the rally. As they were being nicked, the speaker on the platform was busy telling people to take no notice and concentate on the speaker!

"The final speaker was the indomitable Weyman Bennet, self-proclaimed hero of UK anti-fascism."

Bennet is a total fucking idiot. When he spoke at Leeds Civic Hall he couldn't even get Nick Griffin's name right, and kept referring to a 'Roger Griffiths'!

Like I said, it is a strange old world.

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