Thursday, 11 June 2009

Gerry Gable: Well-aimed eggs aren't enough

Now I do not know about you but I, like Peter Pan, believe that Death would be an awfully big adventure. I have no fear of death and the thought of death does not worry me. But what does worry me, is the thought of people I care about dying. That does worry me. And one of those people I worry about, is the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP. (I just love adding those last three letters.)

I worry about his safety, not just because I like and respect the man but because of what his loss to Our Struggle to regain Our Freedom and Our Country would mean. Yes, the BNP does have other good leaders, good capable men and women. Intelligent, brilliant orators. But there is only one Nick Griffin and we cannot afford to lose him and so we must guard him and protect him. With our own lives if necessary.

Now let us think seriously about the attack on Our Leader on Parliament Green, a place within the so called no protest zone of Parliament. A place where the police, on orders from above, allowed violent political thugs to walk into as if it was an open field and stood by and watched as these communist criminals attacked a democratically elected politician of the European Parliament.

Let us make no bones about it. The egg throwing was nothing. There were bottles thrown and staves of wood used to attack the security people defending Our Chairman. If our brave security men had not been there, that pack of screaming hyenas would have dragged down Our British Lion and beaten him to death. It is what out of control mobs do. Afterwards, the tools of the establishment, the killers would enter a man slaughter plea and face a few pathetic years in prison - if that.

You only have to see the videos and the hatred on the faces of these mad zombies of the state, to know that I speak the truth. We have seen the images of what a claw hammer can do to a patriot. Remember, it only takes three inches of steel to kill even a king.

Now if a multi-millionaire MP, like Barbarra Follet can claim for and pocket £24,000 to pay for security because she was once mugged then Nick Griffin should be able to claim for funds to ensure his protection.

In fact, as a Member of the European Parliament, he should be assisgned around the clock protection. That protection is not just there to protect the man but to protect the meaning of the word democracy.

I remember once, hearing Our Chairman speak about sometimes his concerns, when he is driving alone and pulls into a garage for petrol and a car pulls in behind and out jumps a group of young men. He is of course concerned and worried for his safety. So far he has been lucky and our enemies unlucky. But as that evil, despicable organisation, the IRA once said. "We only have to get lucky once".

So Nick Griffin must not be allowed to go anywhere alone, especially by car. We know what happened to another brave nationalist leader, Joerg Haider when he travelled alone in a car.

If the state can silence the Iraq war whistle blower Doctor David Kelly and get away with his death by claiming he committed suicide with a blunt penknife then they are just arrogant enough to think they can dispose of Nick Griffin in some way. A satsuma in the mouth perhaps.

Now returning to the title of this article. The press themselves help incite violence against the BNP by publishing articles such as this by the convicted communist criminal Gerry Gable.
The images of Nick Griffin cowering in terror as he and his gorillas fled Parliament Square on Tuesday certainly brought a smile to many people's faces. If you peddle messages of division and hate, then you shouldn't be surprised to find that hatred bouncing right back at you. But it's going to take more than a few well-aimed eggs and worthy placards to finish the BNP for good.
What the red filth, Unstable Gable means, is well-aimed bricks to replaced the eggs and baseball bats to replace the placards.

Gables statement in the article that his paid for army will confront the BNP in "every neighbourhood, on every estate and every street" is nothing more than an incitement to violence and should be treated as such by the police.

All decent people and politicians regardless of how they feel about the BNP and if they truly support democracy must now call for an invetigation into the funding and violence of both Searchlight and the UAF.

Conservatives must demand from David Cameron, why he allows his name to be associated with those who would use weapons instead of words to advance their political aims.

Long live the BNP. Long live Nick Griffin MEP.

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