Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Iran's Mullahs Deny Permission For An Anti-UK Rally

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... I do hope this one's real

... for after all, one of these wasn't, was it !!

by johnofgwent

I couldn't help noticing the top stories of the day that popped up on Press TV, the outfit which invited the founder of this blog to appear on a show intending to discuss the rise of the far right. Strange that they should approach a supporter of the British National Party for such a show, for as The Political Compass website graphically demonstrates ...
But I digress (again!)

The lead story on PressTV is the Iranian Head Honcho's decision to deny the people the right to go out and kick up a fuss about the UK's "involvement" in their elections and the stirring up of discontent that we, as paid agents of zionism, are forever doing for the fun of it.

Now look fellas, anyone can make a mistake, right ?

Rumsfeld swore blind your towel wearing leader was a bigger threat to his oil profits than the beret wearing chappie with the strong arms next door.

So Uncle Sam had a choice to make, and decided wouldn't it be handy to have an excuse to ride roughshod over Iraq and take all the oil when their own supplies get a bit dodgy .... but that's no excuse to go burning effigies just because a bloke with demon eyes and wierd teeth, and a wife with even more severe dentition issues, lied through his back teeth to us and stuck his head so far up Bush's arse he couldn't see the real picture.

But why, I ask, has Iran decided to get UK-friendly all of a sudden. It's not like them, after all.

Could it be the mullahs are worried that the protests will turn on a sixpence from being "anti UK" to "anti the current islamic revolutionary council" or whatever they call themselves ?

Could it be they're worried we're a bit prickly about the return of the corpses of two of four bodyguards "minding" an "IT consultant" all five of whom vanished in wierd curcumstances ?

Could it be they're worried we might just take advantage of the situation to explain to them just what we think of the Improvised Explosive Devices they're supposedly shipping to Iraqi insurgents by the ton. And our explanation might perhaps include a few improvised explosions of our own ?

Or has Brown done something under the counter that we will all live to regret in future years ?

I don't know, but personally, I fear the last of those possibilities far more than any of the others.