Saturday, 20 June 2009

News from Blackpool

Inside the hall - over 250

UAF 30 - Even less than last year.
Numbers look more because of press turnout

Some of you might remember last years British National Party conference in Blackpool, when the reds called for a mass mobilization of their supporters to prevent the event going ahead.

In the end, as you will see if you follow the above link, they managed a grand total of 34 outside the hotel. All a bit sad for them really.

However this year they said they were really going to scweam and scweam and scweam until their self induced nightmares vanished and said there would be thousands of them in Blackpool to stop the BNP celebrating their historic victory in the European Elections.

Well reports coming in say that so far almost 13 of them have gathered outside the hotel. Presumably some of those who took the opportunity of a free coach trip have wandered off to have a day at the beach. Students are like that dont you know.

But I did like this early report saying that there were 30 protestors led by Raymond Bennett. I guess Weyman has also wandered of or perhaps he is has brother who seems to be as demented as Weyman.
Protesting outside, Raymond Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, held up offensive, threatening posters which he claimed had been put through his door by the party.

He said: "Don't tell me it's a normal political party - that's what the Nazi Party said in the 1930s. And we must expose them.

"It doesn't matter what Nick Griffin says.

"They are respectable in the daytime but at night go around kicking in doors.
What planet is that man from. Offensive leaflets shoved through his door? BNP rushing around kicking in doors? His he completely barking mad. Was he dropped on head as a child or just plain stupid?

It is Weyman Bennet who has been caught on tape saying that the BNP must be "confronted" at every opportunity. It was Weyman Bennett who said on tape that the British National Party banners should be ripped down and burnt.

Elsewhere in Blackpool, two of the Pigs of Parliament, Gordon Marsden and Labour MP Joan Humble have tried to interfere in the running of the New Kimberley Hotel in a statement to the press telling them:
"Think about the variety and different backgrounds in your own friends and families – and next time, think again."
Again as usual, the only sense spoken in the article was by James Clayton, the BNP organiser for Blackpool.
He said: "I think it would be more appropriate for Joan Humble and Gordon Marsden to be writing to the protesters.

"The concern over this weekend's events is created by the protesters who are known for being disruptive.

"If they didn't turn up, we would basically be inside the hotel and for all intents and purposes, the people of Blackpool wouldn't even know we were here.

"It seems like Joan Humble and Gordon Marsden, when they're not busy claiming their expenses, are trying to disrupt what we are doing and I don't think that is appropriate."

For the record, Joan Humble last year, claimed £159,703 in expenses and Gordon Marsden claimed £152,300 on top of their £64k salaries.

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