Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Royal British Legion and the BNP

Keep wearing it Chairman.
As an Ex Serviceman I order you to

Today, The Guardian (what a laugh) is carrying a story about a letter from the Royal British Legion that is to be published in tomorrows Guardian.

It seems that the RBL have taken offence at the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP, wearing a Poppy during the European Election campaign.

In the letter to the Guardian, that only survives by advertising non jobs for the establishment, the Legion said that they had written privately to the European MEP "appealing to his sense of honour" asking him not to wear a badge or any other emblem associated with the legion.

Now let us leave the Poppy on the side for a second. It is the "badge" bit that really reveals where the politically correct Legion is advancing from, despite their claim that the charity has remained "scrupulously above the party political fray".

What they are saying is they do not want the BNP or its members, many of them, including myself, ex servicemen who have served their country with honour to wear a badge, that if members, they are entitled to wear with pride.

Are they sending similar letters to the traitor parties who have betrayed the armed forces? Will conservatives be asked not to wear their Legion Lapel badges? I do not think so.

Now back to the Poppy and the Letter, which says;
"The poppy is the symbol of sacrifices made by British armed forces in conflicts both past and present and it has been paid for with blood and valour," the ­letter says.

"True valour deserves respect ­regardless of a person's ethnic origin, and everyone who serves or has served their country deserves nothing less … [our national chairman] appealed to your sense of honour. But you have responded by continuing to wear the poppy. So now we're no longer asking you privately. Stop it, Mr Griffin. Just stop it."
Our Chairman, wore the Poppy in memory of our soldiers who are dying and being maimed in the illegal wars brought about by this government and with the support of the opposition parties. So I ask the British Legion this.

Why do you not campaign to stop the illegal wars and if you truly represent your membership, also campaign to have those who started these illegal wars, tried as war criminals?

Mr Griffin MEP is on record as saying that he would stop wearing the Poppy, if our troops recovering in hospitals in the UK were not charged to watch television.

Personally, I would tell the executive of the Royal British Legion to go take a jump or better still go on the warpath until the Military Hospitals, manned by servicemen and closed by this government are reopened so that our wounded troops to not have to recover in mixed wards and face abuse from the colonisers of our country as happens now on a regular basis.

The article then goes on to remind its readers(not many) that Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill's grandson, objected to the BNP using the great mans image and quotes. They do not off course mention the fact that Soames and his family charged the British People 12 million pounds for Winston's personal papers that by rights belonged to the people and should have been freely donated to the nation.

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