Thursday, 25 June 2009

Black Welshman - no such thing

As to be expected, the enrichers and colonisers of Our disunited Kingdom are kicking up a fuss in Wales over Nick Griffin's statement:
“There is no such thing as a black Welshman. You can have a black Briton; you can’t have a black Welshman. Welsh is about people who live in Wales since the end of the last ice age.”
Now you will not often find me out of sync with the thoughts of Our Chairman, except perhaps over the choice of knot to be used when wearing a tie but this time there is something else.

Just as there is no such animal as a black Welshman, there is no such animal as a black Briton. There are The British People, who happen to be white, who are also British Subects and then there are an ever growing host of coloured people from different races who are also British Subjects/Citizens.

Now I am going to digress for a moment, so please indulge me. In a previous life, and for most of it I was a computer programmer and in those early days, if you said that was your profession, people would look at you blankly or gaze at you in awe.

I programmed in assembler, Basic(Beginners All Purpose symbolic instruction code). I fell in love with on old American female Admiral, Grace Hopper, for creating COBOL(COmmon Business Oriented Language), moved on to C, C++(for Dos) and finished off with a favourite of mine, Visual Basic Vrs 1 through 6. Plus a lot of PL never heard of.

And to be a good programmer you must understand logic. You must really understand the meaning of the words IF, AND, OR, or Else. And the strange thing about programmers, that I have discovered having worked with hundreds of them, is that higher education does not necessarily mean you will make a good programmer or become a master of logic. You either have a logical mind or you do not. It is nature and we are all different.

And that is what is wrong with the rag online tripe called Wales Online and the grossly overpaid, just for being black, Wayne Lee of the Valleys Race Equallity Council. They cannot use logic, because to do so would force them into recognising how weak their arguments are.
Black Welshman Wayne Lee, of the Valleys Race Equality Council, dubbed Mr Griffin’s Tuesday night remarks “bizarre” and “offensive”.

Mr Lee said: “I think being Welsh is something that’s self-defining. You decide for yourself and nobody can tell you what you are or you’re not.

How do you define any ethnicity? Imagine your parents are Welsh, you were conceived and born in another country and then came back to Wales. Would you still be Welsh?

Mr Lee, whose parents are from Jamaica, said when he goes to the Caribbean local people realise straight away he is British.

But he added: “I would describe myself as being a black Welsh person. I was born in Wales, received my education in Wales, work in Wales, pay my taxes in Wales, I have voting rights – I am a Welsh person.

Clearly, Wayne Lee could never be a computer programmer. He is incapable of logical thought and that was revealed when he said I think being Welsh is something that’s self-defining. You decide for yourself and nobody can tell you what you are or you’re not."

What stupid thinking. There is no other word for it but stupid.

Had I been washed up on a foreign shore as a young child, who was the sole survivor of a shipwreck and adopted by a tribe of the whateveryouwanttocallthem and brought up in their ways and culture, I would be no less Welsh/British for never having known my real people or my culture even should I die without ever meeting one of my own kind.

And were I to meet my own kind and decide that I preferred the culture and ways of the people who had taken me in, no matter how often I stamped my feet or said I was a whateveryouwanttocallthem, I would still be Welsh. Nothing can change the truth or the fact of the matter. Ethnicity is not something you can decide on. It is something you are born with.

But Wayne Lee, whose parents are from Jamaica, dishonours those parents by denying his own origins by claiming that he is Welsh. And again where is the logic? If his parents are Jamaicans it is impossible for him to be anything other than Jamaican. Although some would say that, ethnic wise, he is not even that but probably African.

Yes. He is a Welsh Citizen. But Welsh he can never be, no matter how many times HE stamps his feet and says other.

No, this is all about self justification for stealing Our Country away from its true owners, by denying them the right to be a people on their own land. It will not work. The British National Party will ensure that it does not.